Now Passed 1,000th Post!

The adoption world is frought with opinions, not necessarily ours, the adoptee.

The Life Of Von

It’s a long time since I sat looking at a blank page ready to begin writing a new post.  I’m thankful to those other bloggers who’s posts I have re-blogged because I found them of interest or they evoked feelings of nostalgia, brought back memories or connected me in some way to my ancestry. I am one of the lucky adoptees who has had access to my Birth Certificate – it might as well be a blank sheet of paper and to my  Birth records – destroyed in one of those mysterious fires which adoptees’ papers are prone to! My most useful information came directly from my mother who shared generously and importantly told me the name of my father and a little of his circumstances. Eventually I was able to trace his family too and to meet with ‘real’ biological relatives. Although I no longer have contact with them…

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