Make it Obvious Where You Went Wrong (scandals, too)

You are trying to get it right, but you might not.  Maybe though you got almost there.  If you got almost there, don’t cover your tracks.  Don’t make it seem like your work is perfect. …

KEEP READING: Make it Obvious Where You Went Wrong


By Lara Trace

Now that I am finishing up STOLEN GENERATIONS, I do need some time off from blogging.  So I will be gone a few months (it’s necessary). If you need reading material (of course you do): read the fantastic diverse blogs (I follow 225+) (bottom of this blog.) THE MIX too.

I often read Eric Linus Kaplan’s blog [Honest ontology, fantasy and comedy. Writer on “Big Bang Theory” and of “Does Santa Exist: A Philosophical Investigation”] (his post is above)

What Eric writes is profound, mind bending, good.  Like The Big Band Theory is profound, mind bending and good.

Make it Obvious Where You Went Wrong?  If we stop to consider America’s military secrets, Cointelpro, political secrets, assassinations, plots, first we’d be blown away at the truth (BOOM) – overnight we’d have a new world – but that all depends on if the military ever came clean.  All modern wars are wars by and for the private bankers, fought and bled for by third parties unaware of the true reason they are expected to gracefully be killed and crippled for.  The process is quite simple. […keep reading]

I am thinking of all the times in my last 59 years where I was wrong.  I cannot tell you honestly how many times it happened but it was LOTS.

No, folks, I won’t be blogging it now but I do want you to think about it, too.  And in the HEAT of this political campaign, perhaps all the presidential candidates should tell us when they were wrong and admit their mistakes.  Then explain it so we all know (so we can understand and learn from their mistake). Humility is sadly lacking in politicians, right?

I often think of the Pres. Clinton-Monica scandal and his almost-impeachment, and how Hillary (HRC) didn’t divorce him when many of us expected she would.  (Which made me realize then that not all marriages are based on fidelity but many are money-based and power-driven.  Their union was not a mistake.  It was intentional.  I’ve only watched a few episodes of House of Cards about power-hungry wolves in designer clothes in DC.  People in power (men and women) do have extra-marital affairs.  I have an ex-husband who would agree since he did (more than once.)

That early marriage of mine was a good learning experience AND a mistake.

Here is a post about scandal from my favorite guy TubularSock:

Learning is life long. Learning is what we do as humans. And as we learn, we might falter and make mistakes. That’s how we grow up.

I aim to be as honest as I can be with myself. And admit my mistakes.

It’s the best I can do…


There are times to read history and there are times to make history. – David Batstone


I have a question for you:  Do you rip out all those drug ads in magazines? I do it every time a magazine arrives. It’s not a mistake. It’s therapy. Do you do it, too?


And I had to share this!

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Bruce H. Lipton, PhD says this of Dr. Kelly’s quest:

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More on William HERE


(see you back here in a few months) xox

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