Premiere of Abandoned Adopted Here

UK friends, don’t miss this!

Lucy Sheen actor writer filmmaker adoptee

British premiere screening of Abandoned Adopted Here takes place on 7th April in central London at SOAS. This is a one-off event, a unique chance to see the only public screening scheduled so far for 2016. It is also an opportunity for the public to participate in a post screening Q&A session with the director, Lucy Sheen, chaired by Dr. Diana Yeh

Here you can see the trailer for the documentary if you live in the UK, London or the Southeast, this film is a must see independent documentary.
This is what CinéWomen Magazine wrote about the filmmaker and the film in their Biennial Edition 2016.

“With her characteristic vérité style, Lucy Sheen pushes the documentary genre to virtuosic heights. Her psychologically acute film deals with themes of personal identity and cultural difference, delivering a personal and nuanced take on an issue of international importance.”

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