Center for a Stateless Society » The Tohono O’odham Nation: A Case for Sovereignty

When history shows that the United States, as well as Mexican, government has continuously plundered Native Americans and stolen their land, is it possible to set up a “sovereign” community or nation within a country that has its own set of rules and may or may not recognize another’s?

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)


“When thinking about the origins of Native Americans, it is not only to think about their roots, considering where they came from and how they inhabited the land that they did, but to remember that before there was ever a United States of America, there were already people inhabiting this land”

The Tohono O’odham Nation: A Case for Sovereignty

Joe Szymanski

The border that separates the United States and Mexico has been the cause of many controversies and constant violence. When a wall of separation is created to notify where a certain territory begins and ends, whether they oppose each other or not, there are bound to be complications. One group that is literally in the middle of this border dispute is the Tohono O’odham, a native group whose territory lies right on the border splitting Mexico and the United States; in other words, part of their territory…

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