Of Fish and Families

Carol Hand and Rich Holshuh are good friends and great visionaries – read this

Sokoki Sojourn

great bend vernon vt winter 2015

The phrase “…a recognition that power, history and culture matter” is at the core of the schism of awareness between traditional and modern cultures. Over and over again, separation wields its cold, soul-less blade; only with a warm, healing touch – one person at a time – can life be encouraged and health restored. Kchi wliwni, great thanks, to Carol for sharing this story. Full post here.

“The problem with policies and programs developed to serve general populations is that they are too often decontextualized and ahistorical. They fail to incorporate a recognition that power, history and culture matter. The external forces tribes deal with make innovation challenging: unequal power relationships between tribes and federal policy makers and funders; the imposition of Euro-American values and ideologies; Federal laws that limit tribal sovereignty (e.g., Public Law 280 and the Adoption and Safe Families Act); Euro-American institutions, organizational structures, and practice approaches…

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