SAGINAW, MI — A collection of racist memorabilia and objects depicting caricatures of black people will be displayed at a Saginaw museum in February, called Black History Month.

“Hateful Things,” a 39-piece traveling exhibit from the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University, is coming to the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History.

The exhibit “represents nearly 150 years of violence against African Americans through objects and images that embody the terrible effects of the Jim Crow legacy,” a Castle Museum news release states.

“Hateful Things” will be on display from Tuesday, Feb. 9, through Sunday, April 24, at the Castle Museum, 500 Federal in downtown Saginaw.

Top Photo and above: From Hateful Things Exhibit



Aboriginals: “We’re all dying from bad food”

Aboriginal people are seven times more likely to die of diabetes than other Australians and 37% of urban Aboriginal children are overweight or obese by the age of two. Aboriginal film-maker Warwick Thornton’s thought-provoking photos are the focus of a Survival news report.

Progress can kill: the report

Around the world, “progress” and “development” are robbing tribal peoples of their land, self-sufficiency and pride and leaving them with nothing. Taking tribal peoples’ land and imposing “our” model of development is the cause of untold misery and suffering.

This will be news to many people, for whom development simply means bringing education, infrastructure and healthcare to the world’s poorest nations.

But “progress” is often simply the excuse used by industrialized society to justify crimes of land theft, genocidal violence and slavery.

We have made “Progress can kill” available as a download as well as a free printed booklet. Please help us spread the word by requesting copies in the post for distribution. Their future is in your hands.  [Survival International refuses government money so we cannot be silenced by those guilty of violating tribal peoples’ rights. ]

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