Blog Bonus Read: Johnny Cash’s Bitter Tears

By Lara Trace

I hope you will spend some time and watch these videos and read these stories:

New Database offers insight into the lives of escaped slaves (Harrowing to read)

Telling the Story of Slavery (we need more stories like this one and museums)

An adoptee reunion story you won’t forget

Where are your guts? Johnny Cash and Native Americans


BITTER TEARS Documentary on PBS: In one of the most impactful and thoughtful interviews I conducted for my book, the late musician and American Indian Movement activist John Trudell explains:

“In my mind, the Indians could never have a civil rights movement. The civil rights issue was between the Blacks and the whites, our issue was around law. It was legal. There are five kinds of law in America: common law; criminal law; constitutional law; statute law; and treaty law. That’s important to note — treaty law is one of the five principal laws in America. The agreements that the United States made with the tribes were legal agreements. So our movement was based around treaty law and making sure these were upheld and not broken. This isn’t about morals and ethics — I mean, of course it is to a degree — but the United States has a legal responsibility to us. So in the end this is about the law.”

For PBS air dates, please visit:



and I have a big love for this cool thing called Tiny Letters – you get a quickie post from some amazing writers each week… [I know you have plenty to read already but in case you want to try something new delivered to your inbox] check it out:

Like this excerpt from Caroline Crampton’s Tiny Letter:

Things to read

“The internet is not the real world; it’s not a place where you are you, or even a place where your favourite characters are your favourite characters. The internet is a midsummer night’s dream where everything gets mixed up and you get to be a little bit daring and out of the ordinary. A place not unlike a magical school that exists just beyond the reality you know. Except the secret world of the internet is a lot more fucked up than the Wizarding World, not least because Harry/Hermione shippers live there.”

When Hermione Granger’s adventures in teenage witchhood also doubled up as valuable sex education. Email to Pocket.

[P.S.] I am doing a Tiny Letter for my blog THOUGHT BOMB


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