Proving Native American Ancestry Using DNA +Bonus Read

By Lara Trace Hentz

Go read: Proving Native American Ancestry Using DNA

MY Advice: Ask your family. Don’t rely on saliva tests.

The testing database is not there yet. Not enough tribal members have their DNA on these databases. Don’t rely on it for proof. Don’t rule out tribal ancestry if someone in your family was reported to be a tribal member. This is one time when I’m glad the science is not there yet.

Did anyone see Henry Louis Gates tell Sen. John McCain he’s got Native American ancestry? I was more surprised than McCain.

WATCH: | John McCain traces his ancestry with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in Finding Your Roots, “War Stories.”

Being Mixed is also a hot topic on social media these days.

When will we get it together as humans? I’m still waiting.

I’ll be back with much more next week!

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xox Lara Trace

Mohawk broadcaster Janet Rogers launches NDNs on the Airwaves

by Zig Zag

Janet Rogers

Indigenous radio programming has come a long way, says Rogers

By Stephanie Cram, CBC News, Feb 13, 2016

From the early uses of radio on reserves to communicate with hunters in the bush, to the creation of podcasts that explore indigenous arts, culture and politics — indigenous broadcasters have adapted with the times.

“Indigenous voices on the land and on the airwaves is another way to create presence,” says Mohawk writer and radio producer Janet Rogers. Read more of this post

Bonus Read:

Indigenous Wellness is the at the heart of Freedom Lodge’s efforts.  Located near downtown Rapid City, SD, our Center’s goal is to help Heal, Educate and Empower the Nine Tribes of South Dakota.  Although our organization is relatively new to the area, Freedom Lodge has provided services to Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island in Suicide Prevention, Youth Talking Stick Circles, Historical Trauma Recovery, Grief Counseling and Addiction Recovery since 1993. FREEDOM LODGE










In Zen in the Art of Writing, Ray Bradbury talks about lists as a writer’s tool.

If you are a writer, or hope to be one, similar lists, dredged out of the lopside of your brain, might well help you discover you, even as I flopped around and finally found me.

READ: About Brevity’s Blog

Land of the Free?

And I’m wondering what we do about the fact that 4chan exists. That men who are angry, men who are lonely, men who feel isolated and rejected by society — that there is a place where that hatred and rage finds companionship and validation, where misery breeds contempt. How we’ve created a society that drives these men to find like-minded people. How our culture of shame has created a subculture of violence. Of misogyny. Of hatred of others.

READ: Land of the free.

The Stigma of Adoption

In South Korea being an unmarried mother is considered shameful, so many young women feel unable to bring up their children. But there is a stigma associated with adoption too.

READ: Why I gave up my baby – BBC News


“Ever-inventive, astutely observant, and drolly ironic, Margaret Atwood unfurls a riotous plot of corporate rule, erotic mayhem, sexbots, brain-washing, murder, and Elvis and Marilyn impersonators.  Her bristling characters range from right-on caricatures to unpredictably complicated individuals, especially the unnerving Charmaine.  Atwood’s ribald carnival of crazy deftly examines fear and the temptation to trade the confusion of choice and freedom for security, whatever the cost.  This laser-sharp, hilariously campy, and swiftly flowing satire delves deeply into our desires, vices, biases, and contradictions, bringing fresh, incisive comedy to the rising tide of postapocalyptic fiction in which Atwood has long been a clarion voice.” Booklist, starred review

READ MORE: The Heart Goes Last Signed Edition by Margaret Atwood – Powell’s Books


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