Peltier after 40 years

Local Event:
On Friday, February 5th, in unison with the International Days of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier, on the 40th anniversary of his imprisonment for his role as an American Indian Movement organizer in the aftermath of the occupation of Wounded Knee, I plan to hold a dawn to dark vigil at Peskeomskut Park on Avenue A in Turner Falls, MA.  I am inviting friends to join me for any part of that vigil, or to contact Obama to free Peltier – – America’s Nelson Mandela.
Can you imagine spending 40 years in prison? For a crime even the feds admitted they do not know Peltier himself committed?
But as Peltier has said, “Someone has to pay for the crime.” The crime, really, of defending his people. And he has paid – for 40 years. That’s enough. Far too much.
I hope you will help me to spread the word. And thank you! – -david detmold
Health Update:

Leonard Peltier Suffering from Abdominal Aortic Aneurism

Images of FBI testimony

incident at oglala_testimony

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