Should children be genetically engineered? (my answer is hell NO)

By Lara Trace

Science is moving at a breakneck speed — the idea of genetic engineering is something we saw coming a long time ago (notably in science fiction);  yes, (regrettably) YES it may already be too late… It seems (Aryan) supremacist-types are still working behind the scenes, with control of science… creating (in their demented mind) a perfect baby…

NO, no one should engineer or modify a baby.

In my mind this is a new form of violence and racism.  A violence against the “other” who are still dominated in every way, shape and form… now by science, or rather the mad scientist.  Nothing good can come from this…

In April 2015, researchers from Sun Yat-sen University in China reported they had used gene editing techniques to alter human embryos for the first time in history. READ

“Germ line” is biologists’ jargon for the egg and sperm, which combine to form an embryo. By editing the DNA of these cells or the embryo itself, it could be possible to correct disease genes and pass those genetic fixes on to future generations.

READ:  International Summit on Human Gene Editing, the Center for Genetics and Society and Friends of the Earth released a report, Extreme Genetic Engineering and the Human Future: Reclaiming Emerging Biotechnologies for the Common Good.

The Center for Genetics and Society also released an open letter, signed by more than 130 advocates and scholars, calling for a ban on heritable genetic modification of human beings.

“Genetic modification of children was recently the stuff of science fiction,” said lead author Pete Shanks, consulting researcher with the Center for Genetics and Society and author of Human Genetic Engineering: A Guide for Activists, Skeptics, and the Very Perplexed. “But now, with new technology, the fantasy could become reality. Once the process begins, there will be no going back. This is a line we must not cross.”

– See more at:

“It is critical to not breach our scientific and moral integrity in the face of these rapid developments. Historically, research projects thought of as exciting research with no consideration for ethical or moral implications, were in fact egregious mistakes with unintended harmful consequences,” said Milton Reynolds, board chair of Literacy for Environmental Justice. “Only after the harm had been committed — witness the Tuskegee experiments on African American men, and syphilis experiments on Guatemalans — was it clear to those researchers that scientific and moral integrity had been breached resulting in tragic consequences.”


We wouldn’t need to make a perfect baby or super-human if someone out there wasn’t afraid. Fear is a strong motivation for the 1%.  Infertility is a crisis, an epidemic in certain places.

Some societies (including numerous tribes in North America) view dis-ease differently, in spiritual-terms, and treat ill-ness holistically with great success, even with cures. Some illness is spiritual and not physical. There are actual cures around the world that do work – but if someone can’t make money on that cure, we never hear about them (as in Big Pharma squelching them.) For example, there are 300+ cures for cancer.  A friend in Austria was cured of colon cancer.

As you read on this blog, the “other” (non-white minorities) have already been studied and their DNA collected. Will the “other” be deleted out of existence in a test tube by mad science?  Or did they want and take certain things from the “Other” DNA?

What would be that purpose? What are “they” creating?  Who exactly is funding it?  Who is policing the mad scientist? Other scientists?

How do we know “they” exist? Eugenics. Genocide. Medical Experiments. Mind Control. Prejudice. Institutionalized Racism. Evil.

Here is one reason: Humans always want to make more humans. An infertility “epidemic” now affects one in five US couples with difficulty achieving or maintaining pregnancy… According to government statistics, 6.7 million women and two million married couples are infertile.

The balance of life on this planet is precarious and I think most of us have mixed feelings or ambivalence* over who to trust on this kind of science.

I’m also thinking that if we could just solve the infertility epidemic with holistic treatments and CURES in 2016, this just might change everything…

Lara (awakened to her own infertility in recent years)


*Definitions of ambivalence: WIKI


===other news

New rules for natural gas –> “The Obama administration on Friday proposed new rules that would lead to a crackdown on oil and gas wells that vent or flare methane into the atmosphere on public and tribal lands. Methane is about 35 times as potent as carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas driving climate change over the span of a century, and it’s the chief component of natural gas produced in the U.S.” Bobby Magill writes for Climate Central, via Scientific American.


This shit scares me – really really scares me…

I Considered Cloning Myself — But I’m Having Second Thoughts

by Stephen Moss, The Guardian : A British couple have paid $100,000 to clone their dog. But however tempting the process might be for a human  egoist, it would destroy the point of life: that it ends.

(and this idiot goes on:) 

I guess I could have become a sperm donor instead, but I worried too much about being traced by offspring wanting handouts. My egoism was tempered by emotional and fiscal wariness.

Hey, Bud, those would be your kids – you bleeping idiot… So let’s just say there are too many people running around the planet like this knucklehead… or this one who fathered 800?

I fathered 800 children, claims sperm donor

by Natalie Morton & Sarah Bell, BBC News
An unlicensed UK sperm donor has been connecting with intended parents online for 16 years, donating once a week and charging $50 a pop.


    • Roly, it’s hard for me to imagine any child not being conceived naturally (aka sex versus test tube) – and of course you and me and everyone are sacred, even with our imperfections! This is Great Mystery and we mustn’t mess with it.

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