God Even Rewards People for NOT Adopting

all f*cked up


Sometimes, just for wanting to adopt, he gives them their very own baby!

The Jensens had a child, but they wanted another. So after they spent lots of money on fertility treatments and went through two *miscarriages, they decided to adopt because some of their friends got cute little Ethiopian orphans-or-were-they-who-cares?

Like many people who started out wanting Ethiopians, they chose Congo instead. Pardon my suspicious mind, but why not Ethiopia? No more babies, too much money, too much waiting? I mean, that’s what happens when everybody gets there before you: The country gets wise to the lying, cheating, child-purchasing  international adoption game, er, runs out of kids worth adopting, er, waiting children.

Admitting they just didn’t know any better (and didn’t bother to find out), the Jensens turned to the so-corrupt-it’s-been-closed-but-we-won’t-mention-that-either Congo. A Google search would have turned up horror stories, but that’s too hard. So is…

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