CALL CONGRESS: S2275 Adoptee Citizen Act

    Call Congress: Pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act Now!

    We’re in the home stretch toward winning a major victory for international adoptees. In 2000, Congress passed the Child Citizenship Act, fixing a loophole in international adoption law that required families to apply for naturalization for their adopted kids. Many young people received citizenship, but many also fell through the cracks–the law only applied to those under the age of 18 at the time.

    Congress is poised to right this grievous wrong, which has led to severe consequences for adoptees who still don’t have citizenship, including deportation to their countries of origin. Adult adoptees who have been deported face having to learn a new language from scratch and leaving their friends and families behind in the U.S.

    Senators Amy Klobuchar, Dan Coats, and Jeff Merkley recently introduced S2275, the Adoptee Citizenship Act. This simple, bipartisan legislation will close the loophole and grant citizenship to the adult adoptees who have been neglected for so long. We need your help–call your Senators now to ask them to support S2275 and give tens of thousands of stateless adoptees the opportunities they were promised as children.


    S2275 has a strong potential to be the first ever successful, all adoptee-led policy enacted at the federal level. Adoptees can do this. We will do this. But we, together with our allies, need to combine our talents and wisdom to collectively push-back against the forces the separate adult adoptees from their friends, spouses, children, jobs, family, and everything they’ve known in their home in the U.S.

    Alright friends…..GO!

    —Amanda Transue-Woolston, founder of Lost Daughters


    4 thoughts on “CALL CONGRESS: S2275 Adoptee Citizen Act

    1. Im happy for this bill and what it stands for but I disagree that this bill is just for the adopted. This bill is flawed and leaves 1000’s in limbo. What about those who were not adopted but could have benefited from the Child Citizenship Act being retroactive. There are 1000’s of people out there who were already over the age of 18 when the CCA went into effect and should have been made automatic citizens when the the law went into effect. If your going to amend the act dont give preference to those adopted but work to make the entire Act retroactive.
      There are 1000’s of people, both adopted and non adopted ,whose 1 parent was a citizen and they qualified for citizenship status under the Act but for one reason or the other that parent never applied for theirs child citizenship. They should fix the entire Act to effect all who the act addresses not just the adopted. Senator Mary L. Landrieu passed an amendment ,S.Amdt.1222, that included everyone in the act and didn’t just apply to adopted individuals. The bill made the entire act retroactive , Sections 320 and 322 . Thats the bill that should be passed and not one that plays preference to adopted individuals only. But overall congratulations to those who have worked tirelessly to get congress to do something on this issue and I pray for a good out come. But please don,t forget the other classes of individuals who could have benefited from the CCA. Thanks


        1. Very well seen!
          I’m precisely in that limbo. I only have one parent that is an American citizen.
          What do think is going to happen?
          It seems impossible that the bill could be passed flawed as it is.
          They might repeal the time limit in the CCA.


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