“Are you against all adoption?”

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WRITTEN BY –Father Symeon, OCSB Rom., BPS Orthodox Christian Conciliation Services Existential Life Coaching, Counseling, Consultancy Services Hermitage of St John the Divine Syracuse NY 13206
I was recently asked “Are you against all adoption?”
No, not in principal but yes in practice!
Before the late 19th Century there was no system of child adoption. At best extended families or close family-friends took in a parentless child. In modern time the legal phenomena known as Child Adoption is actually a manipulation, a social engineering. There is not enough space here to elaborate.
Child Adoption has become an industry for the commodification of children. Profit is made in adoption. Children are being taken from their families by CPS and elsewhere they bring high profit in child trafficking. Prospective adopting parents have no real knowledge of their origins.
The issue that this post reflects is the extremely poor vetting the industry does of potential adopters. Most adopting parents do not adopt for altruistic reasons for the good or betterment of the child. They adopt as an alternative to their own medical misfortune for which they are never encouraged to grieve such loss nor to undergo psychotherapy for. Nevertheless, such loss stays with them and the adopted child is never truly “theirs” but a substitute.
Then there are those couples –one or both– who have an underlying mental illness that is never detected because it’s not looked for. Couples are never “tested” just interviewed.
There is so much wrong with Child Adoption worldwide.
I support its abolition being replaced with a three tier approach
1) Family Preservation: a healthy attempt to keep the child with the parents.
2) Kinship Guardians: a type of adoption by extended family.
3) Guardian Stewardship: a type of adoption by non-familial persons. The vetting of potential caregivers MUST be revamped.
The difference between #2 & 3 to adoption today is these new models
A child is not a commodity and is not a panacea for someone else’s dysfunction
Perhaps you get some idea by this little writing?
[This is profound and necessary for children…abolish adoption as it is now… Trace]

2 thoughts on ““Are you against all adoption?”

  1. What a sad post. If all people thought like you children would be languishing in orphanages. The US Foster Care system( Guardianship as you phrase it) is overwhelmed to say the least and absolutely not the best model for children. Children are shipped from family to family and many Foster Parents do it for the money. Family preservation in most instances is a idealistic dream and nothing more for both international and domestic adoption. I can only hope and Pray no one takes this article seriously.


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