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The spiky urchin braced herself for a flood of “But what about teh PAPs?!” articles when China recently ended its one-child policy, and was pleased to not discover many. Maybe that’s because this one makes up for them all in naked greed, baseless assertions and malignant ignorance (or is it?).

(Article here)

HUNTSVILLE, AL – China’s government made a major cultural shift this week.  It will now allow all couples to now [sic] have two children — effectively ending its decades-old “one child policy.”

For years, Americans have adopted more children from China than any other country. There have been an abundance of children available for adoption because of the country’s one-child policy, meant to control population growth. But now, as the population ages, China will allow families to have two children.


Fact check: for years, the US adopted gobs and gobs of Chinese infants, but that trend peaked a…

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