The Real Story: Geronimo’s Captivity In Pensacola

We just watched the movie Geronimo with Wes Studi. Then this story appears. Synchronicity, of course. I’ll be back soon…


FortPickens2featured Fort Pickens

By Drew Buchanan | The Pulse, Oct 19, 2015

On the morning of October 25, 1886 a train pulled into the bustling maritime city of Pensacola. Onboard were 16 Apache warriors, but unlike many who visit here today, these men were not here by choice. They had been hunted down, captured and dragged against their will by the U.S. government to one of the nation’s most battle-hardened military fortresses — Fort Pickens — and locked behind bars.

This is a lesser-known chapter in American history that is often glanced over, or even skipped entirely in school textbooks. Over the past century, Hollywood and television have portrayed Native Americans as savages and propagated harmful stereotypes of their culture. But this detriment of an entire people didn’t begin in Hollywood or on T.V. It had its roots in reality.

129 years ago this week, just three days before the worldwide symbol of freedom — the Statue of Liberty — would be dedicated, the train…

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