These Sinister Photos Tell The Shocking Real Life Stories Of Feral Children

By Trace Hentz

Disturbed parents? Feral Children?

My friend Rae shared a story in Austria news that a father had kept his own daughter locked in their basement and he raped her and she had his children, many children. Finally by a miracle she was discovered and was released and is living in an institution with her children. Real life, in this century? Sadly, yes…

Please read about the feral children exhibit..

October 7, 2015 | Life |

Abused, degraded, and rejected by their parents, these chilling staged photos show the shocking reality of what it’s like to be a feral child.

“Feral Children” is the latest photo-project by German-born, London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten. This newest series of staged photos takes a darker look at growing up under unusual circumstances.

“As a mother of two young boys I was appalled and intrigued in turn the more I learned about these cases,” the photographer said. “My initial reactions were to question how parents could lose and especially neglect their child. My maternal instinct went into overdrive when I considered how these babies, toddlers and young people experienced their lives alone or in the company of wild animals.

“I then admired the fortitude they must have shown to survive such isolation and extreme circumstances, weather, hunger, illness. In any of the circumstances that I have read about, it completely overwhelms the boundaries of my comprehension.”

Out of this morbid fascination grew inspiration. Fullerton-Batten resolved to recreate the unfathomable scenarios experienced by a variety of mythologized feral children, visualizing what to many is too unusual to even imagine.

Source: These Sinister Photos Tell The Shocking Real Life Stories Of Feral Children |


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