Thousands of pre-adoption records unsealed in Manitoba

today is the day!

Global News

WINNIPEG – It’s a day many adopted children and birth parents have been waiting for — the day they get access to their pre-adoption birth records.

Starting Monday, the Adoption Act will allow adoptees aged 18 or older to access pre-adoption birth registration information, and birth parents of adult adoptees access to their post-adoption, substituted registration of birth. Under the previous Manitoba law, only adoptees born after records were partially opened in 1999 can access their pre-adoption information.

Roy Kading, who was adopted and has since met his birth parents, said it’s an important step for many.

“It answers a lot of questions about your past and who you are today,” said Kading, who was adopted in 1935 and met his biological parents in 1977. “Suddenly you find out who you might look like … medical information, or more.  That’s very important.”

Kading runs a website called LINKS that helps…

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