We the People: National society publishes new state research volumes

photos gp (196)We the People: The National Genealogical Society has published four new “Research in the States” books for California, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

BY SHARON BURNS, For The Oklahoman • June 1, 2015

The National Genealogical Society has published new “Research in the States” books for California, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

“Research in California” by Sheila Benedict covers the state’s history, settlement and migrations, state and national archives, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, an overview of the county, local and religious records, ethnic records, mission system, movie industry, each county’s genealogical and historic societies and more.

“Research in Missouri, 3rd edition” by Ann Carter Fleming contains references to digitized sources, indexes and images that have been made available online within the past seven years.

The volume also includes records that were created by the Spanish and French governments prior to the Louisiana Purchase. Information about Missouri’s archives, libraries and societies; major resources such as atlases, gazetteers, maps, censuses, city and county directories; court, ethnic, land, military and naturalization records, as well as newspapers, tax records, etc., are included.

“Research in Oklahoma” by Kathy Huber provides genealogical resources in the context of information on the history and settlement of the state, which was the home of Apache and Kiowa tribes.

Once claimed by France and later Spain, Oklahoma was divided into two territories by the U.S. government. The Indian Territory was set aside for Indian tribes from the Southern states and later the Midwest, who were forcibly resettled. The Oklahoma Territory was settled by white pioneers, immigrants and former African-American slaves.

The Civil War, land rushes and the discovery of oil all brought changes to the land and its people. “Research in Oklahoma” offers a wealth of records for genealogists seeking to learn about their ancestral heritage.

“Research in Nebraska” by Roberta King contains family history resources and information regarding the history and settlement of the state. Numerous American Indian tribes were living in the Nebraska territory when the Homestead Act with its promise of cheap land drew Czechs, Germans and Irish settlers to its lands. Others arrived to work on the railroads. The Union Pacific terminus at Ogallala brought ranchers with their herds of cattle to be shipped to the East.

For more information, call the National Genealogical Society, 3108 Columbia Pike, Suite 300, Arlington, Va., at (703) 525-0050 or (800) 473-0060 or go online to http://www.ngsgenealogy.org.

For more information, go to www.okgensoc.org.

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Hey everyone, I am alive! For over a month now I’ve been working on a short fiction about two Native guys who find themselves in a weather-related disaster in Nebraska. “Goo and Boozer” is also about geo-engineering (scary stuff like HAARP). And I have some very exciting news to share in my adoption story (SOON).

This WE THE PEOPLE post follows along with what I’ve shared with you before on Native American history. What we don’t know can hurt us… It’s sad this history languishes in library volumes and not in our own heads…. It’s time we change that… Trace

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