Adoption agencies, orphanages, and maternity homes: An historical directory

one copy of the paperback is for sale for $999 on Amazon
one copy of the paperback is for sale for $999 on Amazon

By Susan Foglesong on April 12, 2000

Format: Unknown Binding (Paperback)

I have owned this book for over 15 years. I was in adoption reform for 13 years and assisted in writing legislation to improve adoptee rights.
Nile’s book was one of the most concise, accurate and informative books I found in those 13 years. Many times I needed the background of the maternity home or orphanage. This was an almost impossible task. Adoption Agencies provided a wealth of information about themselves, but little about the maternity home the birthmothers stayed in.
It is imperative to an adoptee to know something about the surroundings of their mother during her pregnancy. This is the only time the two shared, and it is the only link they have when they start to question their heritage. Understanding how a maternity home was run gives them insight to the mindframe of their mother.
The most outstanding thing about this book as that adoption researchers find that it lists homes that were almost unheard of. Some of these homes were private and there are even actual names of mothers who placed their children for adoption.
When I got the book it was already out of print and I had to order it from Mr. Niles himself. It was one of the most meaningful books I bought in my career of adoption reform.
Anyone interested in adoption history and orphanages will find it well worth the trouble and time.
*********Note: If I had my hands on this book, I’d scan it for you all to read!  …Laramie

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