Inmates: Masonic Orphanage: Oklahoma 1920

Masonic Orphanage Residents at Darlington, Canadian County from 1920 Census
An orphanage was established at Darlington by the Masons in 1910 when they bought 672 acres and 
the buildings of the Darlington complex, in Canadian County, which had previously been an Indian Agency.  
The orphanage was in operation until 1922.  Below are the residents 
whom were listed as "inmates" by the census)who lived in the Masonic orphanage at
Darlington at the time of the 1920 census.  Of course, please keep in mind this list is only a 
representation of the residents for the year 1920 and does not include everyone who ever
lived there.  (Another possible source for more names,  I understand, is the El Reno American
newspaper, July 8, 1910 issue which is supposed to have a list of the residents for that time period. 
However,  I do not have that article currently.)  
After the orphanage closed, the Darlington complex was turned into what was termed a
narcotic farm", which was an institution for recovering narcotics.  This institution, however,
did not last very long.  A controversial newspaper article about the narcotic farm caused it to be 
closed shortly after its doors were opened.             
Below, the first column in the orphanage list is the name of an individual whom resided at the 
orphanage, followed by sex and age of the person. 
Next will be the site of the person's birth, the site of that individual's father's birth, and lastly the 
site of the mother's birth.  Many of the residents had "US" listed as place of birth in the various 
slots, rather than a state or "unknown".  
Some of the people who are listed were apparently workers or lodgers in the orphanage.  A few other 
people are listed as "inmates" but they are well above the typical age of orphans. There was no 
explanation given on the census for this.  I have taken the liberty to put the list in alphabetical 
order to make it easier to use.  
             Submitted by Andie Stringfellow | E-mail:

             1920 Census of the Masonic Orphanage at Darlington,Canadian County, Oklahoma
             Allen, Carlton W.  (inmate)   M   12    OK   US   US
             Allen, Flossie M.  (inmate)    F   16     OK    MO   TX
             Armstrong, Albert   M    36      MO     IA      MO
                ?Momonan (wife) F    28       IL      IL      England
                Nellie M. (dau)     F    12       OK    MO     IL
                Ralph W. (son)     M    9        OK    MO    IL
                Glenn A.  (son)     M    5        OK    MO    IL
                Niles Edward (son) M   4       OK    MO    IL
             Bagley, Andrew S.   (inmate)    M   8   TX   US   US
             Bagley, Willie E.  (inmate)    F 11    OK    Unknown Unknown
             Bagley, Woodrow W.  (inmate)   M   5    TX    US   US
             Beller, Elsie (inmate)   F   12    OK   Unknown    Unknown
             Beller, Lloyd  (inmate)    M   7   OK   US   US
             Beller, Lola (inmate)   F   5     OK    Unknown   Unknown
             Beller, Luther  (inmate)   M   2-5/12th   OK   US    US
             Bennett, William  (inmate)   M 71    ?Wales    Wales    Wales
             Bollen, Neva (inmate)    F 12   OK   TX    TX
             Bollen, Velma (inmate)   F   15    OK   TX    TX
             Butler, James C.   (inmate) M   62     ?    KY    MO
             C-??-fill, Jesse H.   (inmate) M   14    OK    US   US
             Caldwell, Wiley A.  (inmate)    M   17    OK   MO   US
             Caton, Johnie Bell (inmate)   F 15    AR    US   Unknown
             Caton, M K.   (inmate)   M   8    OK    US   US
             Choate, Dessie C. (inmate)      F 67    TN    TN    TN
             Choate, Josephine M.  (inmate) F 14    TX   TN    TN  
             ?Cornwell, Ethel A.  (inmate)    F   30    KS   IL   IL
             ?Covey, Paul    (inmate)    M   12   OK   US    US  
             Davis, Anna (inmate)   F   14    OK   KY   IL
             Davis, Benson (inmate) M 88   VA    VA    VA
             Disney, Doris (inmate) F   13    KS   US   US
             Disney, Marion L. (inmate)   F 15   KY US   US
             Dorman, Kathleen       F 24      TX         IL          TN
             Edwards, Charles   (inmate)   M 8   OK   US   US
             Edwards, Lloyd   (inmate)    M   12    OK   US   US
             Edwards, Maude (inmate)   F 14    OK    US   US
             Finney, Helen M.  (inmate)   F   9    OK   OH   AR
             Finney, Lonie E.     F    28     AR   TN    OH
             Finney, Ralph N.   (inmate)    M   ?   OK    OH    AR
             Fletcher, Anna (inmate)    F   12    OK    OK   TX
             Fletcher, Nina Lee (inmate) F 15    OK   OK   TX
             Fletcher, Thomas  (inmate)   M   10   OK   OK   TX
             Flippin, Frank M.    M   29    TX      TX    TX
                Stella (wife)         F    ?      TX      TN    ?
               Andrew (son)       M    9      TX       TX    TX
                Frederick (son)   M   7       TX       TX    TX
                Mary (dau)          F    5       TX       TX    TX
                Jay (son)             M   3       TX       TX    TX
             Freeman, Charles H. (inmate) M   79     VA   Ireland   Ireland
             Garren, Lafayette (lodger)   M   69   AL   NC   GA
             Garvin, Joseph  (inmate)   M   10   OK   US   US
             Gibson, Wallace   (inmate)    M   16    OK   US   US
             Gouger, James H.    (inmate)    M   10    OK   TN   AR
             Gouger, Mary R.  (inmate)   F   15   OK   TN US
             Gray, Lee  (inmate)    M   69       ?   NY   OH
             Grist, Inez   (inmate)     F   13    OK US   US
             Grist, ?Payte    (inmate)    M   12    OK   US   US
             Harrison, Curtis   (inmate)    M    9   OK   US   US   
             Harrison, Irma (inmate) F   15   OK   US   US
             Harrison, Verl (inmate) F   12   OK    US   US
             Hendrix, Marion W.   (inmate)   M   12   OK   US   US
             Hendrix, Mary Jane (inmate)   F 17   OK   MO   KY
             Hendrix, Ora M.  (inmate)   M   9    OK   US   US
             Howard, Dossie  (inmate)    M   11    OK   US   US
             Howard, George D.    (inmate)   M   10   OK   US   US
             Howard, Joseph P.  (inmate)   M 8   OK   US   US
             Hudson, Dolar D.  (inmate)   M   10   OK   MO     KY
             Hudson, Varney D.  (inmate)   M   12    OK   MO   KY
             Hudson, ?Velvia D. (inmate) F   16   OK MO    KY
             Hudson, Verney L.  (inmate)   M 12   OK   MO   KY
             Humphrey, James E.  (inmate)   M   56   ?    NY   NY
             Hutchins, William F.  (inmate)   M 9   AR   US   US
             Jenkins, William H.    M 36     England     England     England
                Ida M. (wife)            F 36     England      England     England
                Ruth P. (dau)           F 8      IN                England     England
             Johnson, Ruby (lodger)   F    28    TX       MS           MS
             Joseph, M. (inmate)    M   51     OH    OH    PA
             Kelley, Nellie L. M.    (inmate)   F   11    OK   AR   OK
             Lambright, Forrest  (inmate)   M 10 OK   US   US
             Lambright, Lee C.   (inmate)   M 12   OK   US   US
             Lambright, Simeon   (inmate)    M   8   OK  US   US
             Lambright, William  (inmate)   M   13   OK   US   US
             Lees, Arch  (inmate)   M 12   OK   IN   US
             Lees, John  (inmate)   M 17   MO   IN   US
             Lewis, Jerome (inmate) M   61     KY    Wales     Wales
             ?Lowe, Mattie (inmate)    F   11      OK   OK    OK
             ?Lowe, Nellie (inmate) F   14    OK     OK     OK
             Lowry, Beth (lodger)        F      19   OK      WI          WI
             ?Macomber, Judson  (inmate)   M   69   NY Scotland Scotland
             Maupin, ?Carlo/?Carl  (inmate) M 6   OK   US   US
             Maupin, Gabril   (inmate)   M   8   OK   US    US
             Maupin, Gilbert O.   (inmate)    M 11   OK   US   US
             Maupin, ?Jimmie/?Jemmes  (inmate)   M   4-1/12th OK   US  
             McMillan, Carl  (inmate)    M 15   OK   US   US
             McMillan, Joseph   (inmate)   M 17 OK   US   US
             ?Mison, Gabriel A.     M   44     SC    VA    SC
                Robirder (wife)        F    33     TN    TN     TN
                (This entry had an entry that he was black and she was
             Moore, Kate (inmate)    F    73    MO    IN   IL
             Moretti, Amenta F.   (inmate) F 8    KS    Italy   Spain
             Moretti, John   (inmate)   M   5   OK   Italy Spain
             Moretti, Joseph   (inmate)   M 12   PA   Italy Spain
             Moretti, Mabel R. K.  (inmate) F   14    ME   Italy   Spain
             Moretti, William  (inmate)   M 7   KS   Italy   Spain
             Morris, Helen (inmate) F   16   OK    US   US
             Morris, Joseph T.  (inmate)   M 17  OK   US     US 
             Morris, Robert  (inmate)   M 12   OK   US   US
             Neal, ?Lena/?Lona/?Lana M.  (inmate)   F   11    OK   US   US
             Neal, ?Oprah/?Opal   (inmate)   F   8   OK   US   US
             Neal, Ora  (inmate)   M    6    OK   US    US
             Paine, Allie N.  (inmate) F   8    OK   US   US
             Payne, John A.    M   30      IL    OH    IL
                Sarah A. (wife)    F   29    KS    MO   MO
                Waverly H. (son) M    8    OK   IL      KS
             Payne, ?Nellie (lodger)    F     24   OK       IL            MO
             Perdue, Florence (inmate) F   3-7/12th OK   US   US
             Perdue, Lawrence A.  (inmate)   M   4-9/12th OK  US   US  
             Porter, James M.  (inmate) M   78   PA   PA   PA
             Robinson, Lela  (inmate) F   8   OK   US   US
             Robinson, Reba  (inmate) F   16   OK   US   US
             Robinson, Tela  (inmate) F   10 OK   US   US
             Sartor, Elmer L.  (inmate)   M   13   AR MS   MS
             Sartor, Guy C.  (inmate)   M   15    AR   MS   MS
             Sartor, Thomas E.  (inmate)   M 8   AR   MS   MS
             Sater, George R. (inmate)    M   63      OH    OH     OH
             Schweickhardt, William C.  (inmate)   M   8   KS US   US
             Shuler, Kate (ass't matron)   F   26   OK    GA   TN
             Skillman, Loretta  (inmate)   F   13   OK   US   US
             Skillman, Rosalee  (inmate) F   16   OK   US   US
             Sloan, Docie M.  (inmate)    M   12   OK   US   US
             Smith, Nana B.  (inmate) F   17   OK   TN     OK
             Smith, Robert E.  (inmate)    M 77   IL   TN TN
             Smith, Roy E.  (inmate)   M 12   OK  TN   US
             Stahl, Samuel D. (clerk) M 59   ?IL   PA   PA
             Strickland, James E.  (inmate)   M 12   OK   US US
             Strickland, Mamie B.  (inmate) F 14   OK   US   US
             Strickland, Richard   (inmate)    M   9   OK   US   US
             Strickland, William R.  (inmate) M 16   OK   US   US
             Sturgis, Jessie L. M.  (inmate)    F   13   OK   US   US
             Travis, Sarah (head matron)   F   53     TX   MS    KY
             Turman, Harry L.  (inmate)   M 11   OK   US   US
             Turner, James E.    M   64      TN    TN     TN
                Mary (wife)           F    ?        AR    NC    AL
                James W. (son)   M    8        TX    TN     AR
                Woodrow (son)    M 4-11/12th   TX    TN    AR
             Valentine, Anna M.  (inmate)    F   16   OK   US   US
             Walton, Florence (lodger) F 20    OK    OH     MO
             Weir, Arthur J.    M 52     Scotland     Scotland     Scotland
                Ida M. (wife)     F 50     WI              NY              Canada. 
             Williams, Rachel (inmate)   F   69    MO    IN     OH
             Womack, Maude  (inmate)   F ?16    OK    AR    AR
             Womack, Ruth  (inmate)      F   ?   OK   AR    AR
             Zumwalt, Cora   F    42    TX   TX    TX   
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