Death by Big Pharma: Are we safe?

“Death by medicine is a twenty-first century epidemic, and America’s war on drugs is clearly directed at the wrong enemy.” –Dr. Joseph Mercola

 “Prescription pills merely treat, or should I say bandage, undesirable behaviors and sensations as opposed to addressing the underlying root cause of the problem.” –Shelly M White LINK



By Trace Hentz

I had measles as a kid. I had mumps and chicken pox too. When I worked in a Duluth high school after I graduated from college, it was mandatory that the staff all get vaccinated.

In the 1990s in Seattle I took a class in herbal medicine and was taught that once you’d had a bug-virus, your body builds an immunity to it.  It stays inside you dormant. That’s not to say you can’t get a cold again but our body is always fighting bugs and healing itself – without any drug or pill. You get a fever to kill the bug-virus then if your immune system is working properly, your cold goes away.

The questions I have (and some of you have) are:  Are we safe? Are vaccines safe?  Can we trust the drug companies who make them?  Can we really trust BIG PHARMA? Are they truly concerned about us —or their profits, their patents, their shareholders, and their bottomline?

If you watch the news, it’s hard to know who to trust.

The compounding pharmacy in New England killed 51 people by contaminated shots! READ

Why is there an autism epidemic now? One in 68 kids are autistic.

Some flu shots didn’t work since they were made for a different flu strain?

Are some vaccines responsible for some deaths? Apparently.

If you’ve heard of heavy metal poisoning, we need to ask why would some vaccine drugs contain heavy metals like mercury?

We all know that Big Pharma are powerful modern-day drug cartels and profit machines. But are they immune to prosecution?

We all have read about doctors who are given big gifts and big incentives to push new drugs on us!

In many ways the media caused this vaccine outrage – are they doing their job reporting on BIG PHARMA? For the record, according to Nielsen TV, ad spending by the pharmaceutical industry was $2.4 billion in 2011. Can media really report on Big Pharma since they are America’s BIGGEST ADVERTISERS? Aren’t the drug companies killing us with constant television commercials which cause people to take too many prescriptions?

Prescription Drugs Kill Over 100,000 People Each YearREAD

So how do vaccines work?

A vaccine contains a killed or weakened part of a germ that is responsible for infection. Because the germ has been killed or weakened before it is used to make the vaccine, it cannot make the person sick. (REALLY? I wonder about that…) When a person receives a vaccine, the body reacts by making protective substances called “antibodies”. The antibodies are the body’s defenders because they help to kill off the germs that enter the body. In other words, vaccines expose people safely to germs, so that they can become protected from a disease but not come down with the disease. (NY State Health Dept.)

So Just Who Is Big Pharma?

The medicine production industry is presided over by a handful of huge organizations. What were already only a relative handful of large corporations at the turn of the millennium have in recent years become further agglomerated into an even smaller oligopolistic group that literally controls production of the vast majority of the world’s ‘legal drugs’! 

Some major players in the Big Pharma league include:

(…Check the box on any current, or the next, medication you are prescribed and you’ll likely see one or other of these ‘Big Pharma’ names emblazoned thereon…and if, by chance, you don’t then likely it will be a wholly-owned subsidiary!)

These ‘Druggernauts’ are now too large, and too powerful to stop them from making many more multi-billion annual increments in their turnover figures! Annual ‘legal’ drug sales turnover is in the ball-park of $500 Billion and rising rapidly!

And in a world where money talks, be sure that that Big Pharma ploughs plenty (if still only a fraction of their profits) into paying not only an army of Reps as discussed to ‘butter-up’ the purveyors of pills, but also lobbyists to keep their agendas firmly in front of political decision makers.


In 2007, the headlines were drug companies were moving their manufacturing to make more profits. What safeguards did we lose?

In Puerto Rico, costs send pharma packing


Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) announced that it will be shutting down one of its three manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico but will shift the 100 full-time employees currently to another facility in the country.  The company said that it will shutter the plant at the end of 2015 because it produces small-molecule drugs, which only make up a minor portion of the company. Some of these drugs have seen their sales drop as a result of lost patents, according to the Indianapolis Star.The Puerto Rico site will soon be put up for sale, and the company will take a $170 million charge against its earnings in the fourth quarter of 2014 as a result of the shutdown. – More:

I have more questions than answers…


Systematic” –> Iraqi children are becoming the victims of “systematic sexual abuse, including sexual slavery” in areas controlled by the Islamic State, according to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. AFP reports that they also are being forced to serve as child soldiers.
Preventing the next outbreak –>  reports for the LAT that two California state lawmakers are proposing a bill that would restrict parents’ ability to opt out of vaccinating their kids. Details haven’t yet been released, and certain religious exemptions may still be allowed.

2 thoughts on “Death by Big Pharma: Are we safe?

  1. It’s like this for Tubularsock ……. I have found using my own body and mind that there may be “bugs” all around but my personal emotional clarity plays a huge if not an entire part in an immune system that protects me.

    Tubularsock will not speak for others but from my own “experimental” work with myself ……..
    If I’m clear emotionally I DON’T get “sick”. If I’m not clear emotionally I do get “sick”.

    This is a tricky path because the “common” thought patterns “taint” the mind because big pharma pushes sickness.

    Tubularsock has shifted “sickness” to “wellness” within himself by recognizing the emotional
    tie-in, clearing it and having INSTANT results!

    The only and last result for your well being is YOU!

    Tubularsock has so much to say about this but bottom line IT WORKS FOR ME.

    The rest is up to YOU …………



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