Up My Nose

Important words from a friend who has taught me so much… Thank you Von.

The Life Of Von

truthApart from those mothers 0f loss I deeply respect, have contact with and exchange views with, I stay  away  from mothers, because I have found it unproductive, irritating and unhelpful to engage in  any communication or discussion, it seems for them as well as for me. Here’s some of the reasons why it doesn’t work for me-

1) I have been an adoptee for over 70 years and will not be treated like a naughty or recalcitrant child

2) I will not be treated as if I am totally ignorant about adoption

3) I will not be patronised, ridiculed, bullied or misrepresented

4) I will not be told I’m doing something I’m not

5) I will not be preached at

6) I will not be told I’m making a mountain out of a molehill when I articulate part of my experience – as in ‘ she didn’t bring you up so what there is a…

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