Why I Write

Von is my hero

The Life Of Von

When I began blogging, I did it for my own enjoyment and to collect together information I was interested in, which I thought might be useful later. I have always been interested in the truth, something that is hard to find in adoption sometimes. That lack of honesty and truthfulness, the flirtation with lies, red herrings and ostrich-headfalsified ‘facts’ is present right through adoption, often from a time sometime prior to our conception right through our lives in one form or another. We might have been a late discovery adoptee, a never told adoptee, an adoptee with falsified records, ‘burnt’ records, an adoptee who thinks their mother is their sister and so on and on. I doubt there is an adoptee alive who can’t find an example somewhere if they look carefully. I have had non-adoptees tell me it doesn’t matter, to forget it because they believe adoption wipes out…

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