My chat with Tubularsock

The brilliant blog of TUBULARSOCK
By Lara/Trace  (who is interviewing interesting people this month and way beyond)
Happy 2015 everyone. I am starting a new weekly trend in interviewing friends who blog! Here’s a chat with the mysterious wizard of words TUBULARSOCK.

TubularSock, that is a unique name. I am captivated. Are you hiding your identity for a reason? When did you start blogging? (Actually it’s more like you investigate and report.)

TS: Trace Lara Hentz, you are the one with three names so you obviously are not hiding your identity at all. Nor is Tubularsock. On his blog “about page” pretty much says it all. (

Assuming you are not wanted by the FBI, can you possibly share something about your background? A journalist? A shoe salesman? (Don’t laugh, I sold shoes once. It was my second real job.)

TS: Now Tubularsock is wondering why you are even interested in Tubularsock. For one thing I’ve never sold shoes but in the right circumstances could be fun.

Tubularsock has never held a job he hasn’t loved. And Tubularsock has done many types of work for the fun of learning different things. A job is a learning platform and if you don’t like your boss, or the work you are doing …. quit!
If you are doing your work just to have money ….. quit!
There is just too much fun to be had to waste it on things you don’t love …. Period!
One trick is to just start your own business then you are the boss but with that a rapid learning curve ensues. But fun.
Tubularsock does like your work Trace Lara Hentz  and feels that you are very talented and very interesting yourself.
Tubularsock started on his sojourn of communicating with his fellow beings a very long time ago. The blogging thing came about around the year 2000. Tubularsock started with a subscription news letter and in time moved into this WordPress deal.
Tubularsock is just a simple fellow with a lot to say. That pretty much sums it up.
It is very kind of you to show interest in Tubularsock but he is really only your reflection except you may be better looking.
Thank you Trace Lara Hentz for your kindness and Tubularsock wishes you and your readers only the best.
And please, everyone ………. Wake-the-fuck-up ……. you are more powerful than you know!
Thanks Tubularsock for making me laugh out loud (here and on your blog). Stay informed and follow his blog!


  1. Tubular is truly an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. I have had the pleasure and privilege of interacting with Tubular at our respective blogs for some time now. Don’t let his humbleness fool you, the more I learn about him the more impressed I am. He wields his humor, artistic talents and insights into modern day politics like a surgeon with a scalpel.

    Thank you for sharing another great interview, Lara.


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