Women: The Lifeblood of our success: Guest Post by L. Dwain Boswell

Virtual Book Tour
Virtual Book Tour


Virtual Book Tour of Award-Winning Author L. Dwain Boswell,  (I Am Worth the Effort Blog)

I am excited to guest post on Lara’s blog as a part of my virtual book tour. My first book, “Sex Lies & Alibis”, has proven to be helpful to more than just family and friends. Many have given their reviews of the book including a 5-STAR independent review.

The objective was not to become an award-winning author.  My objective was to compile over 10 years of research, make it available in quality print and digital eBook format, and deliver a professionally finished book to as many people as possible.  As a result of this hard work and diligence, it is now an “AWARD WINNING BOOK.”  Consequently, I have achieved the title of “AWARD WINNING AUTHOR.”

The book is an inspirational Award-Winning relationships book that exposes a culture of exploitation and why the current dating culture continues to fail. It talks about how we are all vulnerable to a distinct mix of outside forces that can sabotage the success of any relationship whether married or single.  It is then packed with ways to improve your relationship and will present you with a new approach that is guaranteed to be worth every step outlined. Here is an example of what you can expect.

Women: The Lifeblood of our success

Have you ever been on a date and felt lost for words? Maybe you decided to do dinner and a movie but had little to talk about at dinner and hated the movie.  Well, that dinner you ate will pass away, literally! That movie will be forgotten, probably.  But the association between people will remain forever, definitely. When boy meets girl, how you communicate will determine whether you become friends or enemies.  Even if you never see the person again, you will still have an association with that person that can never be erased.  Unfortunately, men tend to be the ones who devalue the essence of a woman’s beauty with derogatory words, not realizing that women are the lifeblood of our success as men.

 “As men we are born to lead, but we can not do it without the woman.  The question then becomes, are we improving a woman’s life, or are we making her life worse?  When a woman leaves your presence, is she better off having encountered you or does she need to be renovated like a condemned building?  When you speak to women do you speak life words or death words to her?  For instance, when she does not fall for your pick-up lines, do you call her a whore, slut, or tramp?  Those are words that speak death to a woman’s soul.  Men are supposed to add to a woman, not take away from her.  When a woman comes into your presence she should leave improved, even if she is not the one for you.” Excerpt from the book Sex Lies & Alibis.

I will be checking back daily to respond to your comments concerning this post or any questions you want to ask. In the meantime, here are some great ways that you can give back with your purchase.

  1. Use Amazon Smile to make your purchase and automatically give .5% to a charity of your choice! I chose Shared Hope International from the available choices.
  2. Gift a book to a friend and we will donate 20% to groups fighting human trafficking.
  3. Donate this book to your local library. No library will turn down donated books, the more copies in circulation the better. 
  4. Recommend this to your book club and use chapter 2 to launch a discussion about human trafficking. Email me to set up a free awareness discussion: bookclub@iamworththeeffort.com
  5. Purchase the eBook from Google Play and we will donate 10% to groups helping to end Domestic Violence.

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