Joseph Smith had 40 wives? Really?


I don’t know if any of you saw the Vanity Fair story about the Mormon founder Joseph Smith having up to 40 wives. I’m still wrapping my mind around that. If I were a comic, I’d say: he had himself a town full of women-wives ready to do his bidding and make him a baby; or maybe that’s why is such a big hit for Mormons with that many Smith offspring (descendents) out there — you’d certainly not want them marrying each other.  (I’m thinking Smith was a sex fiend.)

The fact he had a wife just 14 years-old kinda killed it for me. That makes him a pedophile. A 14-year-old is not old enough to consent to be married, emotionally or physically-ready – but I don’t think the 14 year-old had a say… she was “sealed” to him, whatever that means… which makes me disgusted!

Joseph Smith’s Many Wives
Congrats on surviving Monday. The Mormon Church, formally known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has quietly posted a series of essays on church history and practices on its Web site, and in so doing, admitted that Joseph Smith had up to 40 wives. One of Smith’s wives was 14 when she was “sealed” to him. The revelation is a cosmic shift from the church’s earlier teachings, which position Smith as a devoted husband to Emma. READ MORE

I was talking to my cousin last night, spitting fire about the Mormons and their founder. I’m sure we could find plenty of religions with nefarious practices just like this. Yeah, there was a time we didn’t live much past 40, so marrying young would’ve happened.

I joked, “I wonder if any of the Mormon women had 40 husbands?” I didn’t think so, since it was a male-made religion, and I’m pretty sure they have rules keeping woman in their place (at home) and off their leadership rolls. And that tithing thing bothers me, too, where you have to give 10% of your income every year to the Mormon church coffers, which makes them one of the richest in the world (along with the Roman Catholics.)

If you want to dig in: their websites: can also go here and

And this comment on the VF story was defending it:  An angel of the Lord appeared to the reluctant Joseph Smith and demanded that he marry these girls and women. And they were instructed of the Lord that they should marry Joseph or else their salvation would be in danger.

So, I’m betting once this gets out to their faithful flock, some might jump ship…


In the News

Report: To lift kids out of poverty, you have to help their parents too |A new KIDS COUNT urges agencies to connect help to parents and children


In order to help its many low-income families, Mississippi must focus on aiding the family as a whole and take a “two-generation approach” to ending poverty, a new report says.

More than half the state’s children are members of low-income families, a status that has far-reaching consequences beyond poor housing and poor schools. It traps whole families in a cycle of poverty, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation KIDS COUNT report released today.

“Creating Opportunity for Families: A Two-Generation Approach,” examines the economic and educational barriers facing people living in poverty. It encourages a wide coordination of services that could help both parents and children receive support.

“It’s particularly stressful for families who live in poverty to find quality housing, child care and transportation,” Linda Southward, director of Mississippi KIDS COUNT said. “In order for us to address the needs of child, we must understand the fact that we need to help the families. By helping families, we’re also helping children.”

In Mississippi, 58 percent of children live in low-income families while the national average is 45 percent. According to the report, families that live in poverty are less likely to have access to high performing schools and have much higher stress levels in the home.

The report also details consequences for adults in low-income families in the state where nearly 80 percent don’t have a college degree. Without some higher education, parents are stuck in low-paying jobs. These jobs often make it difficult to afford or schedule child care. For parents with children under 8 years old, 17 percent said child care is a major issue. Many “say child care problems led to changing, quitting or simply not taking a job, ” the report found.

Nationally, 31 percent of low-income children five or under are at risk of serious learning delays due to lack of exposure to child care or early education programs. In Mississippi the number is even higher, at 38 percent.


  1. How many Mormons do you know Lara? A Mormon knows the history of their church and they know all about Joe and the girls. They also don’t think its a bit wacko to have an angle from some place drop in for a chat.

    In todays Mormon Church they don’t practice polygamy any longer except for the supper fucked up ones. But even for them it’s against the law. So it’s done in secret in the open.

    The Mormons as a group are not any more fucked up than any other religion. They can’t drink coffee, wine, whiskey, even coke. They can’t do drugs, smoke and dance or listen to music. They really aren’t much fun.

    But they do fuck like rabbets, Tubularsock believes only because they can’t do any thing else so why not. There’s a lot of time in a day.

    They also hire within their own church members to do work like contracting, retail sales, insurance and the like. It’s built in to the general agreement.

    Tubularsock has always thought if you ever wanted work you’d just join up and use the built in system. Sweet! Of course you’d have to play the part and would employment be worth that? Well, come to think about it really, a lot of people do stupid shit to have a job so why not be a fake Mormon?

    It’s the “Jack-Mormons” that are the fun ones ……. those are the ones that have figured out that Mormonism is fucked-up and they do all of the above and have packed it up and left the fold. Of course those are the ones that have made friends with Tubularsock.

    Tubularsock used to spend a lot of time with Mormons debating beliefs. The end result, Tubularsock was going to go to Hell and the Mormons were living in it currently. Worked for Tubularsock!


  2. Thanks Tubular – I do know a mother to a Mormon who was not allowed to see her converted-son get married. WTH? It’s wacky out there – you educated me! Thanks! (I’m damned too, I’m sure)


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