“shoulders” – now WE are many

Prepare to be inspired by Shane Koyczan’s new Blue Dot poem

It’s week three of the Blue Dot tour, and it’s been an amazing experience so far. People have turned up for community events, and filled our event venues to hear David Suzuki and others speak, perform and share stories. The energy is electric.

And then Shane Koyczan takes the stage. And we all fall under his spell.

Shane video screencap

Shane created the original poem, “Shoulders,” for the Blue Dot tour. It’s full of joy, hope and challenge (and it will make you laugh out loud). When Shane performs it, he lifts the audience to their feet. Poetry, like music, connects people in a powerful way.

It’s my pleasure to share Shane Koyczan’s Blue Dot poem “Shoulders” with you today.

“There will be no other thing as worth saving as this. Nothing more important, nothing as precious. This is home.”  

We knew, as we developed this Blue Dot tour, that we Canadians love the natural beauty of our country. We knew that a huge majority support the fundamental right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food. We wanted to ask people to stand up for the places we all love – but we also knew that many of us are frightened and worried by the problems we face. As Shane says, “This pale blue dot, this one world, is all we get.”

What helps us get past our fear? Inspiration, connection, hope and beauty. The artists, writers, musicians and poet who have lent their support to this movement help us experience our story in a different way. Because this is truly about something we all share. The right to a healthy environment is where all of us are one.

“Somehow, we will do this; we can do this. We can be the new chapter in our story.”

As Shane says, “Having to commit ourselves to change is a scary prospect for anybody.” But we have done it before. And as we watch people join us — more than 45,000 already signing the petition, buying tickets for eventssharing the messagedonating and volunteering to help protect the people and places we love — we can see that there is such power in our hope.

Please share Shane Koyczan’s video widely, and join us in any way you can. Now we are many, and this chapter has just begun.


Tovah Paglaro, Blue Dot Tour Lead


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