Lost Babies documentary: Catholic Ireland’s adoption trade of illegitimate children

by Irish Abroad on 19 September 2014
Philomena journalist Martin Sixsmith reports on the tragic consequences of the  adoption trade of illegitimate children by the Catholic Church in Ireland. Journalist Martin Sixmith was the person who helped Philomena Lee in her 50 year search to find out what happened to her son after being forced by the Catholic church to give up her child for adoption. Sixsmith wrote a book ‘The Lost Child of Philomena Lee’ which was subsequently made into an acclaimed film starring Judi Dench (as Philomena) and Steve Coogan (as Martin Sixmith).

During his investigations into the Catholic Church’s role in the adoption trade of illegitimate children, Sixmith came across many other sad stories from both mothers who were forced to give up a child for adoption and from children who were adopted and how there lives were also changed forever, one who went onto to be abused at a very young age by her adoptive father in the US.

In this new documentary, Sixsmith takes a journey with both mothers and children and investigates the many sad and tragic stories of ‘Ireland’s Lost Babies’.


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