On sanity and self-inquiry

As someone who has tried to understand my own memories, the figments of my imagination that were ruling me and my decisions, this post by Jen Peer Rich expressed it so clearly, I’m sharing it!
“The flickering light of awareness drew my attention out of pure exhaustion. I was being destroyed by these beliefs, the whole thing felt like it was crumbing around me and it was really a matter of survival that I began to use the light to look around the beliefs without fear….”

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

By Jen Peer Rich

inquiryInquiry is a spontaneous, honest investigation into what is happening in my mind, body and experience. When I am inquiring, I am awareness within every inch of what is here- thoughts, sensations, images, attuned with my senses, standing fully inside of this moment. I am home.

When I first started doing inquiry, I had a minuscule awareness of my own thoughts. For me life was an epic submersion in the neurotic narrations of my mind and dysfunctional attachments to various body identities. I believed my thoughts were real and really who I am. This lead to a lifetime of disastrous and destructive behaviors because of one simple misunderstanding that happened early on in life- that I am my thoughts and thoughts are real.

If I believe in thoughts, and that my thoughts are me, I am beholden to an array of insecurities arising with each and…

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