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Adoption: No, NOT Much has Changed in 40 Years

The Sad Depressing Proof from the CUB Video Archives

I think I literally hear it or read it at least once a week, “But adoption is different now… those horrible things don’t happen anymore” or something along those lines.

It goes along with the thought process of “Sorry you had a bad experience, but not all adoptions are like that.” Granted I am an eternal optimist, but these statements are really just wishful thinking often used to dismiss another’s reality so the speaker can continue to hold the view that works well for them. In other words,  I call BS.

While due to the many voices and stories being told and with much credit given to books like The Girls Who Went Away and films like Philomena, there has been great progress in having people accept that there were indeed forced adoptions in the past.  Maybe enough time has passed that the general public feels safety in admitting that perhaps the way mothers were treated during the Baby Scoop Era was wrong or that society wasn’t being “nice” when forcing moms into maternity homes, laboring with no support, and almost literally ripping newborns out of their wombs? It seems to have gotten somewhat accepted that adoption “was” sometimes/ often “bad” or that mothers were treated sometimes/often cruelly in the past, but the keyword there is  PAST. We have to believe that things are different now and adoption has changed. Never mind that the foundation of the institution itself and all the accepted adoption practices of the past were built on the forced cruelty, the world has strong vested interested in keeping adoption’s reputation as pure and innocent of any wrong-doings.

  • It doesn’t happen like that anymore.
  • Adoption is different now.
  •  Those days are in the past.

Yeah right.

40 Years Post Baby Scoop Era; Stagnate Adoption Practices

OK, yes the Baby Scoop Era is definitely over. Most will give the end date there for the passing of Roe V Wade (even if there are all too many instances of forced adoption post), but has adoption actually improved since then?  Like many, I would like to think so and there have been many times when I have, again, the eternal optimist, though yes, we HAVE come a long way….at least with public perception? With getting the word out? With education?  Right? I mean so many have been working for so long…some progress has had to have been made! And then, I offered to help Lee Campbell with the  Concerned United Birthparents‘ videos.

And I got really really depressed. I’ll tell you why in a hot minute, but first abut these videos…

A Video Glimpse into Adoption History

cub the birth parent groupThere are four of them; newly added to the CUB | Concerned United Birthparents channel on YouTube.
So that’s changed. There is definitely MORE money in adoption now. Granted, everything cost more, but just for fun, I used an inflation calculator to see what a 5K adoption SHOULD cost now and it is  only a 129.4% increase to $11,469.83 based on general inflation not five times that amount.

what a 5K adoption SHOULD cost now and it is  only a 129.4% increase to $11,469.83 based on general inflation not five times that amount.

Other than that, sadly, not much has changed in adoption. The proof is in the CUB Video archives. I strongly suggest you watch them all so you too can know your adoption history and understand that we have a very long way to go. No adoption is NOT different now. It just costs more money and the same horrible practices of adoption coercion DO happen every day.

REALLY VERY IMPORTANT to know our adoption history…Thanks Claudia for the CUB videos!

Here were my thoughts on how adoption has changed for me in the past 10 years



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