Mother Bother

When adoptees refuse to comply, will no longer be involved and begin to value themselves more than they do a few crumbs from the table, healing is happening. (Indeed it is)

(I’ll be posting more soon)

The Life Of Von

ipad-art-wide-mater-hospital-420x0Way back in the 1970’s when mother blaming was in vogue and I was not yet a mother and had not yet found my mother, I vowed never to be involved in mother blaming and to examine carefully any situations in which mothers were blamed or made responsible. Nothing has tested this more than the events of the last few years leading up to the Apology by our Federal Government and the Apologies by our State Governments. No matter the resolve, some things are unacceptable and wrong. There is no acceptable excuse for bullying, for lies, myths and deliberately misleading information. My ongoing involvement with the adoption community has enabled me to see at first hand the things mothers subject adoptees to. How often we try to make clear that we understand there has been trauma, that we are not being critical or lacking in compassion, but that there are…

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