Guilty as charged: Aiding and abetting adoption

Daniel and Brent are profound thinkers on adoption – this is a MUST READ


In a previous post [link], Lucy explores the idea of abuse that can be stated is functional to adoptive parents withholding information from a child temporarily in their care. I didn’t want to hijack that post, so I’m hoping to expand on that here a bit.

If we define the systemic displacement, dispossession, and disinheritance of a human being as a crime, how do we “unformalize” what has been deemed legal (with the unformalized notion of things like “trafficking” already being considered illegal)?

I ask this because when my lawyer went (for the third time) to attempt to find my records at the civil registry here, she was told (yet again) that there wasn’t any file for me. It could be that the clerk was just lazy; was expecting a “tip”; couldn’t be bothered—we don’t know.

But my lawyer said: “I have a birth certificate here, there should…

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