Road Warriors Bob and Deb

UPDATE: Bob and Deb are still on the road and now traveling in an RV! (this is not their RV)

By Lara/Trace

Are you reinventing your life?  My good friends Bob and Deb are…  I asked them some questions about their recent transition (a retirement of sorts) to becoming Road Warriors, always on the move and seeing more and more of America.

Bob emailed an update:  Sometime in July we’re off for about 10 months taking the northern route, (Badlands, Black Hills, Tetons), as far as Yellowstone then down through Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, then heading down to the Texas Gulf Coast taking Rt. 10 to New Orleans and ultimately three months on Pine Island just off the coast of Cape Coral/Ft. Meyers.  Don’t figure on coming back until May 2015 this time… We love hiking, biking, sightseeing, paddle boarding, kayaking… and seeing every amazing thing in this country… except the snow and cold.

1. Of all the places you have visited, what state surprised you the most?

BOB: I think Utah surprised us most.  There was SO much to see, so much we didn’t know about the state, so much variety.  We did Salt Lake City, the temple, the Great Salt Lake itself, Antelope Island (by bike), hiked Mt Desire, did the zip line at the Olympic Training Center.  Then we go to Moab… OMG… stunning visuals in every direction, amazing hikes and bikes and connecting with friends who also happened to be there.  Planned on a week and stayed 10 days.  And that in spite of the fact that the government had just closed down the national parks (Arches in this case).  We WILL go back during this next trip.

2. If you had to choose a location to camp out long-term, where would that be?  

BOB:  Where to camp out long-term?  SO many choices… not sure I could pick one.  We were headed for Colorado to hike for a week or two in Rocky Mountain National Park.  A visual four-scoop sundae with nuts, sprinkles and warm butterscotch drizzle.  Unfortunately, last year they were hit with huge rains and flooding four days before we got there.  We detoured through Wyoming when we heard that miles of road had washed out and the park was closed for repairs.  Climbed one of the most beautiful mountains ever in Wyoming.  As you could tell from #1, above, Moab would be right up there on the list for all the reasons I already mentioned.  We’ve booked the month of November in Tucson.  Great climate, loads to do, great mountains to hike, bike paths to ride, friends to visit.  It has a great combination of big city amenities with small city ‘feel’.  And, finally, for consistently perfect weather, lay-back, old Florida atmosphere and great biking, running, paddle boarding and hippie culture, Pine Island just off Cape Coral/Ft. Meyers.  We’ve already booked three months there (Jan – March).  Enjoy exotic fresh fruit every day!

3. Has being on wheels changed your views of America?

BOB: Has RVing changed our view of America… totally, totally, did I say totally?  We’d travelled all over Europe and much of the Caribbean and Gulf.  All of what we enjoyed outside the country and more… much more… was right here at home.  We just didn’t know that at the time.  Not sure if you know, but three years ago Deb and I biked across the northern tier of the country.  Started in Astoria, Oregon and finished at Rye Beach, New Hampshire, 3762 miles.  That was really where we discovered how little we knew about this country.  We loved and were amazed by what we saw and learned and the friendly people we consistently met.  Because we needed to average 80 miles per day on the bike we had time to look, take some wonderful pictures, but not REALLY investigate the multitude of places we’d have loved to spend a week or three at.  That led to the decision to buy the 5th wheel and big honkin’ truck and go exploring.  We love being on the road.  We’ve met the most interesting people, seen sites and learned history we knew nothing about.  This is an incredibly diverse country we live in!  We came home, contacted a rental agent, put our condo on the rental market, and can’t wait to go exploring again.

4. Favorite activities

BOB: I think it’s obvious from what I already blabbed on about that hiking and biking are on the top of the list and paddle boarding is moving up fast.  That said, I’d have to include exploring in general which sometimes includes hiking, biking, a boat trip or kayak paddle and sometimes just means talking with people and stepping out of our comfort zone… or going places on a lark. We drove from Las Vegas to Death Valley on a whim without even knowing what we’d see or exactly why we were going there.  It turned out to be like crossing into a different planet… an off-earth landscape. 

This dramatic picture was takean from Green River overlook, at Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah.
This dramatic picture was taken from Green River overlook, at Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah.

So readers, are you reinventing your life? If you are, drop me an email: and let me interview you for this blog! I am reinventing my blogging and how I see the world…


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