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By Lara/Trace

Hi to everyone who reads and subscribes.  I learned today that readers are at “Content Overload.”

I get the newsletter The Book Marketing Expert and the author Peggy just posted this: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data that’s already online via blogs and social media, consider this: by 2020 that information will increase by 600%. Overwhelming, no? I was just at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and a lot of talk was around the noise, as well as a term you’ll be hearing a lot in the future: Content Shock. What’s Content Shock specifically? Well, it’s too much of just about everything. Out of Content Shock comes what I call Content Fatigue.

So I decided today to start narrowing down this blog content to once a week, something I will write myself and include tidbits from around the web to make it interesting.

I am heading to San Diego in a few weeks to speak to TRIBAL STAR about the adoption industry, the Indian Adoption Project, and I will be speaking with two contributors to my anthology TWO WORLDS.  Leland Morrill, a Navajo actor, has become quite an activist and Diane Tells His Name, a Lakota activist-adoptee, is the originator of the Native American Indian Adoptees page on Facebook.  The three of us will speak to tribal judges and professionals about our experiences as Native adoptees and the work we are doing now to help adoptees.

I was at a community college in western Connecticut on Monday speaking to an anthropology class about my discoveries as an adoptee and the appalling history that wasn’t written in any book, which lead to my memoir ONE SMALL SACRIFICE then the anthology TWO WORLDS and the new book CALLED HOME that Patricia Busbee and I are finishing now. (more on that soon)

I don’t want anyone to think I am not going to blog and write about adoption and trafficking, I am going to make LESS more. You will still be getting content, my musings, but more concise and more focused. And if you want to write a guest post, shoot me an email:

I am on hiatus now. So starting in June, this blog will be once a week! Much love and thanks to you all!



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