The Time Has Come: A multitude of small actions can change the world

unseen-world-disrupting-orbits-solar-system_53057_600x450By J. Glenn Evans

We have had good ideas of how to build a better world for many centuries.  Poets, writers and thinkers of all ages have visualized a better world.  Even in our own present day we have the technology to easily accomplish this, yet we seem no closer than we were a thousand years ago.  Why is this so?

Is it not because a few rich and powerful people control the reins of power?  Is it not to their advantage to keep this power and operate the world to their best interests?  As long as the peoples of the world continue to go along and accept this scenario, we are doomed as a species and possibly all life on this planet with the current threat of global warming brought on by our lifestyle and corporate rule of the world.  These people are only 10% of the 1% who manipulate and control the rest of us to their advantage.  One of their favorite and most effective strategies is to keep us fighting against each other.  Racism is one of their most efficient weapons.  Keep us in distrust and fear of those who are different than we are.  Create enemies with whom we can then be led into war.  This strategy is most profitable to the few and yet shatters the lives of so many.

When will we people ever wake up?  When will we take control of our governments that were organized to keep peace among ourselves and protect us against outside enemies, not to make us slaves?  The select few with their wealth and power are most skillful in manipulating people against their own best interests and they have done so since the dawn of history.  Yet if we the people develop a new mindset of cooperate and share rather than compete and beat and put a stop to the gross inequity among ourselves by progressive taxation for the common good, we can build a society where all our basic needs are provided and put an end to these wasteful wars of greed.  We must disarm these powerful interests of their weapons of greed before they destroy our planet as well as all life.  We cannot wait another century, or another ten years, or another five years.  The time is now; we must wait no longer.

The resources of this world are here for all life, not for just a few powerful grabbers.  Life is sacred; property is but a convenience.  Peoples of this world are not riff raff to be herded like cattle for the benefit of the few.  We must disarm these predators of their weapons.  Their weapons have become excess wealth through which they control nations and manipulate the economic resources that have made the majority of people into corporate serfs.  Their speculations create the boom and bust economies that shatter people’s lives and steal the resources used to manipulate their next boom.  Red Cloud, the great and wise old Indian Chief, had the right idea for a sustainable society when he said you can own what you can carry; the rest belongs to the tribe.

We need an equalization tax now, worldwide.  Any wealth that exceeds $10 million per person should be taxed for the common good at the rate of a 100 percent and any income that exceeds a million dollars a year, tax it at 95 percent.  The same goes for inherited wealth: any legacies to one person or institution that exceeds $10 million, tax it 100 percent.  Close the tax loopholes and shut down the offshore tax havens.  Disband any foundations that are merely shields for corporate control.  Any corporation that does interstate business must be co-chartered and regulated by the federal government and those that do international business must be co-chartered and regulated by an international agency.  Peoples of the world must take control and make these changes worldwide.

Regardless of what the corrupted USA Supreme Court says, corporations are neither people nor citizens of flesh and blood and their money has no right to vote.  If our representatives do not take the corrective action to bring the necessary laws about for the common good, they must be replaced.  The Democrat and the Republican parties have both betrayed the people in their pursuit of Mammon and can no longer be relied on to hold positions of public trust.  We must replace them with people from among ourselves who are subject to recall if they fail in their mission to truly represent the people.

            The military and the police belong to the people and they better start acting like it or we the people must withdraw our support to them.  Those responsible for turning these agencies against the people must be held accountable.  The 10% of the 1% should heed history.  The nobles of France felt pretty secure with their army and police, but when they went too far, they paid a price that was dear.

           Too many people equate capitalism with democracy and it is not.  I suspect that most Americans feel powerless and are discouraged.  We can get so disheartened that we don’t even want to try. We need to remind ourselves that any great political accomplishment has usually been achieved through many small efforts and choices of individuals that turn into the many.  We see this when we need to lose weight, when we plan to build a small and sustainable business, to winning at sports, to doing something creative like writing a novel.   We see it when communities make the shift to cleaner energy. It always starts with small, single individual choices.

While we bitch about the 1% running everything, we can make those small consistent and collective changes, like where we do our shopping and banking.  We can stand up for our rights.  We can help our neighbors.  We can plant a small organic garden in our backyard or in pots if we live in an apartment with a lanai.  We can commit small acts of kindness each day.  We can learn about community affairs and become engaged in efforts at building a better community.  If nothing else, you will feel better about yourself when you know that your lifestyle is not contributing to the greed of the 1%.  A multitude of small actions can change the world.

We the people of the world must develop a new mindset of cooperate and share with each other.  We must rebuild and repair the damage to our environment.  We must create a new society with opportunity that encourages the best efforts of all to use their skills and talents for the common good as well as for their own personal development.  Our new society must see that all have food, shelter, health care and education.  We must bring this greedy empire to an end and any other that springs up, hopefully by peaceable means.  Otherwise we do what is necessary.  Some may call these thoughts a pipe dream, but once so were flying, radio and television.  Nothing is a pipe dream if it concerns justice and human rights.  If these ideas are good for people and the world, we can make it happen regardless of how powerful these man-made constructs have become.  We must recognize the enemy of life and humankind and bring it down to manageable size.  The dream created by the 10% of the 1% has turned into a nightmare for the people.

The time for change has come; the world can’t wait.

Copyleft 2014 J. Glenn Evans (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

J. Glenn Evans: Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma, founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show.  Evans, an award-wining poet, is author of a book of poetry, Window in the Sky and three chapbooks, Buffalo Tracks, Deadly Mistress and Seattle Poems.  He is author of three novels, Broker Jim, Zeke’s Revenge and Wayfarers, is a former stockbroker-investment banker.  Evans has lived in Seattle since 1960, worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain the Story of a Cowboy Angel with Mark Miller, co-starring Slim Pickens.  Evans, in addition to poetry and novels has written numerous political essays and is the author several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market and has been published in many literary Journals.



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