Symbolic, Innit?

imagine the surprise of the adopters who see this – but this is why we blog


In a recent Elle online article entitled “I’m Not What’s Best for My Baby,”* a relinquishing mother tells her story. There’s plenty of tragedy in this story, but here’s what caught my attention:

Julia had chosen a couple to adopt the baby, and the wife was there—she cut the cord.

On FB’s Adoption Network, a post asks whether or not first mothers allowed adoptive parents in the delivery room. Ten of the affirmative answers mentioned an a’parent not only being in the delivery room, but cutting the umbilical cord. In nine of these, the cut was made by the adoptive mother (the other was performed by the a’father).

And that shit gets on an urchin’s spines, hard. Because it’s coercive and it’s mean.

I’m being silly, right? Surely a’moms just want “their birth experience” to be just like a natural one despite the fact that it is not…

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