The Year of Stupid

stupidBy Lara/Trace

You could say we humans have had lots of bad years…

I heard a reference to The Year of Stupid on Coast to Coast Radio in an interview with the famed prophecy expert John Hogue.

Yes, there are years we did stupid things, because we were too young  or naïve, or too innocent or trusting…

This time is different in 2014.

Greed has completely taken over like a plague, gripping people’s minds in such a way they can’t even see they are being controlled by fear…

– which leads to a feeling of “lack”

-which leads to more feelings of insecurity

– which leads to distrust of anyone and everyone

Including distrust of those who run governments…

Yup, those same old guys we elect time after time…

then we know we made a mistake but we had no way of knowing anything true about them with a barrage of TV ads run by TV studios and PACs that are run by idiots who only want us to be more stupid…complacent…trusting… which leads to more apathy and disgust!

I choose not to be stupid. I choose to be smart. If I can’t know the truth about someone running for office, I can’t in good conscience vote for them. “Party” doesn’t cut it anymore.

And I chose to be smarter than the people who run the governments – who lose their minds and conscience once elected  – who can’t seem to be honest with us once they are elected.  I want truth. I will not rely on anything I see or hear on TV! The one exception is Democracy Now – Amy Goodman has proven to be one of the best journalists (and her crew of producers). And the legendary Bill Moyers who I hear is retiring again.

Many of us have lost our faith in journalism – we learned too late about historic events  and heard differing versions of truth long after – very disturbing accounts of military actions like the Kennedy assassination, 9-11 and the Co-Intel Program. NSA comes to mind.

We have been deceived too long by corporate media and the men who control the message. Choose wisely. Choose smart. Make this the last YEAR of STUPID – demand better of the people who supply you information and be responsible for yourself and your own education.

(Rant over)


4 thoughts on “The Year of Stupid

  1. Thank you, Lara/Trace, so well said. It is senseless to try to change the world. We must first change ourselves. As Shakespeare once said, “Act well your part for there all the honor lies.” We don’t have to vote for the sycophants to wealth that we keep sending back to our elected offices. Vote for progressive independents or Socialists who are truly concerned for the people. Close your accounts with the big banks and move your money and loans to local community banks or credit unions. Deal locally and forego doing business with the giant companies that have usurp our government. We must break their power and rebuild an alternate economy before we can make much of a change. We each do our part and all together we will make a revolutionary change for the better..
    J. Glenn Evans
    Poet, Novelist, Historian and Political Activist


  2. Thank you J Glenn and Gert – yes, I had scribbled thoughts weeks ago then it just came to me. I did move my money and do participate in buying local. Anything we can do is a step forward. Thanks for the comments!


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