The silencing of the adoptee voice.

It’s becoming obvious to many adoptees we have been helping each other through the maze of adoption propaganda for a long time. The audience we need to reach are those who adopt internationally, since that is where Americans go to adopt infants. Serial adopters? Saving orphans? Trafficking in babies? It’s real and it’s happening. Adoptees are trying to break their silence to end the propaganda.


I recently received a “cease and desist” letter from an adoptive parent who had posted an entry basically stating that she was sick of IA criticism. Her blog was open to comments, and I commented, but apparently the blog is only open to some comments. I think the letter itself is interesting, because it really gives us some insight into what we often bring up in our discussions here:

  1. There is a dominant discourse which does not wish to hear resistant voices;
  2. Resistant voices will be dismissed, attacked, maligned;
  3. Those resisting will be attacked personally in terms of mental well-being, upbringing, etc.;
  4. The dominant voice will be portrayed as the victim;
  5. The dominant voice will attempt to co-opt or subsume the resistant voice.

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