The Red Road on Sundance

10 Things to Know About ‘The Red Road’ and Star Jason Momoa

Lisa Bonet with husband Jason Momoa. Photo by John Shearer/Invision for SundanceTV/AP Images.

The Red Road is a fictional TV drama, that premiered Feb. 27 on Sundance TV, that tells the story of a Native American tribe on the New York-New Jersey border and its uneasy relationship with the nearby town of Walpole, New Jersey. In recent weeks, the show has sparked a lot of buzz among potential viewers and in Indian country, for at least two reasons: It’s a show about the lives Native Americans set in the contemporary era (rather than a historical one), and its star, Jason Momoa, most famous for Game of Thrones, is suddenly one of those Actors You Need to Know.

Here’s a guide that will give you some useful background on the story and a crash course in Momoa 101.


WATCH: watch the first episode in its entirety now at

[I watched the first episode early and I can tell you – it’s definitely GREAT, full of suspense and you won’t be able to stop wanting more…My friend Gary Farmer is playing the Tribal Chairman… Lara/Trace]




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