To Prison with Love: Adoption Warrior Sandy Musser

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Sandy Musser, an adoption reform activist, and Founder of The Adoption & Family Reunion Center was sent to Federal Prison in 1993 in her work of reuniting families.

It is the true story of a woman dedicated to the work of adoption reform who believe that closed sealed secret adoptions are immoral and unconstitutional.
Adoption records (affecting step-parent adoptions also) have been sealed in 48 of the 50 states since the early 1940’s. A few states have opened in the last several years. What exactly does closed sealed secret adoptions mean and how do they affect all of us?
1) It means when an adoption takes place, the adoptee’s records are sealed forever causing, some believe, a form of genocide or ancestricide. Entire family genealogical histories are wiped out by virtue of an archaic adoption law.
2) It means entire segments of our population, known as “the adopted”, are unable to have access to copies of their original birth certificates or other legal documents concerning their own lives. According to law, the 14th Amendment does not apply to the adopted population, which is blatantly unconstitutional since it denies them their civil rights.
3) It means adoptees are being denied basic God-given rights that the rest of us enjoy — our heritage, our medical history, our genealogy, and the ability to answer the age-old question — “Who am I?”
4) It means birthparents who surrendered their children in good faith have had to suffer years of anguish wondering what ever happened to the child of their womb and are being protected by a privacy law they never asked for.
5) It means adoptive parents are also being denied pertinent medical, psychological and genetic information necessary to the parenting of an adopted child.
6) It means those who facilitate adoptions have been free to do unscrupulous deeds and then hide behind the confidentiality law; i.e. some birthparents were told their child had died and adoptive parents were told that the child was “abandoned and unwanted.” All adoption documents were altered and many were falsified — and babies were and continue to be sold to the highest bidder.
Dennis DeLeon, a former NY Commissioner on Human Rights states: “The system is so blatantly unfair and discrimatory against adoptees that it is one of the great civil rights struggles ahead for our country. I consider people like Sandy Musser to be the civil rights pioneers for the adoptive rights movement.” Sandy Musser was willing to pay the ultimate price so that adoption triad members could gain equal access to their original birth certificates and records concerning their own lives and genetic families.

“To Prison With Love is a sobering account of our government’s flagrant abuse of power. It is a story of sting operations, government lies, tape phone conversations and coercion that turns friends against frients. George Orwell’s 1984 could never have predicted a system as corrupt as the one that sent this non-violent grandmother to federal prison. This time is was Sandy Musser. Who will be next. You?” David Taylor, CERA Member & Co-Host of Adoption Answers Radio Show.

5.0 out of 5 stars Where to begin…, August 19, 2013
This review is from: To Prison with Love / America’s Adoption Travesty (Kindle Edition)
If gold stars were awarded for bravery, this mother/writer would be awarded gold stars, purple heart and more. Not to diminish troops valor but Sandy Musser went to hell and back for her stance concerning reuniting adoptees with their mothers. She was wronged constantly.
No, there are no winners in adoption but if there ever was one, Sandy Musser would be. She doesn’t pull any punches in her account and yet gives credit where credit is due.
If adoption is anywhere in your family you owe it to yourself to read Sandy’s story.

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