Before We Finish With Woody Allen

Important thoughts!

The Life Of Von

abuse I’m not making any judgement on anyone not convicted, but point out that the custodial parent will often wish to protect an abused child from having to go through the ordeal of Court by not making formal complaint or pressing charges. Children may not have the knowledge to make up allegations and are therefore truthful…they just need to be listened to, validated and believed by caring adults.
There are some things to know about paedophiles: –
1) they usually deny their activities and present themselves as the victim
2) they come from all walks of life, but the more well-known they are the more they seem to expect to get away with it and the more their supporters will defend them and be willing to overlook their offending
3) paedophiles are rarely rehabilitated
4) paedophiles prey on a target group of children; some, like Jimmy Saville, on many target groups.

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