CNN, Romney – on adoption we’re good @NPRWeekend #adoptees

By Lara/Trace

I must be living on another planet! WHO are these people? Come on, another Mormon like a Romney adopting is not news – they are SERIAL adopters of non-white kids. They had their own Mormon Indian Adoption Project! Thousands of Indian kids are now tithing each month as adults!  They make this part of their religious belief – converting us Indians savages into paying heathens! Everywhere they have missionaries – those saving plans worked!

Then we have NPR Weekend Edition with a horrendous white mother RACHEL who wants to sell her book and grab her 10 minutes of CELEBRITY on how she’s raising three little BLACK kids. Really? Read my take on that HERE

But this is almost to the point of HYSTERIA! Anyone who ridicules trans-racial adoption is in the crosshairs now???????????? REALLY?

I bet you money, more and more people are going to take a long hard look at human trafficking wearing the disguise of trans-racial adoption and wake up but not if they read these blathering propaganda-filled stories!


Los Angeles (CNN) — MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry chastised her guests for being too serious just before the controversial segment about former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson.

A source who was in the studio during the show told CNN that before the offending segment, the comedians were urged off the air to be funnier. The source asked not to be identified.

Later in the show, Harris-Perry told viewers the panel of comedians would “be forced to drink during the commercial so they can get their funny back.”

Clarification: An earlier version of this article failed to state that panelists on the Melissa Harris-Perry show were told off-air to be funnier prior to the segment during which they made jokes about Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. The story has been updated to clarify this.

Harris-Perry would tearfully apologize for the jokes a week later.

“My intention was not malicious, but I broke the ground rule that families are off limits, and for that I am sorry,” Harris-Perry said Saturday.

The apology comes weeks after MSNBC host Martin Bashir lost his job because of remarks about former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Controversial comments by journalists about an American politician’s family are not new. Harry Truman threatened physical violence against a Washington Post critic who famously wrote in 1950 that the president’s daughter “cannot sing very well.”

See Romney’s reaction to MSNBC apology
Watch MSNBC host’s tearful apology
MSNBC pokes fun at Romney family photo


I left this comment on Laura Dennis’ blog on 1/16/14:

It’s like we are living on two planets and on one planet – the white couples (Child Catchers) who adopt are still saviors. NPR Weekend Edition finds them since this is how THEY still think about adoption. Yet the woman who adopts three Black Kids writes a book to make a name for herself? It’s not the first time this happened. (The are tons of blogs by savoirs who adopted trans-racially). And NPR just jumped into the adoption propaganda game promoting people like her. That world is still spinning.

I live in the new world – where adoptees and first parents have educated beyond these fallacies and mistruths. We have moved past that world into one where children and their safety are top priority, not who adopts them.


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