New Scholarship on Mapping Intergenerational Memories

very deep – and what I was saying about linear thinking in my post on Collective Amnesia Part 2

Turtle Talk

Robert Hershey, Jennifer McCormack, and Gillian E. Newell have posted “Mapping Intergenerational Memories (Part I): Proving the Contemporary Truth of the Indigenous Past” on SSRN.

Here is the abstract:

How Indigenous communities choose to represent spaces or spatial information is integral to constructing and archiving cultural memory, articulating current environmental use, and dealing with evidentiary issues for title or land claim cases. For Indigenous communities around the world, the legacy of Western (often, colonial) cartography and spatial theory is disconnected from the many distinct narratives of space (and time) in Native communities.

Specifically in legal situations, this disconnect often reflects a power struggle between a Western, Cartesian division of space and time, and a relational, dynamic capitulation of space and time by an Indigenous group. Indigenous communities attempting to utilize Western legal forums for recognition of their rights face evidentiary hurdles caused by the ethnocentrism inherently built into…

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