Collective Amnesia: Leaders who don’t lead

sheepPart Two

By Lara Hentz (aka Trace)

We are awakening…

This tale is about the “haves” and “have nots.”

We’ve all heard campaign promises and political sermons, then once elected, we might catch a glimpse of the leader on TV and it appears all those promises are long gone, long forgotten. And why we elected them, those reasons are forgotten too.

It makes us angry we can’t elect good leaders but then apathy sets in. We ask, what can we do? We’re not as powerful as them.

We still wonder, “What happens to our chosen leaders?”

We see problems they need to fix:  global poverty, low wages, high taxes, epic pollution, insanity like the BP Oil Spill, nukes like Japan’s disaster Fukushima, Prison Corporations enslavers, Bad Banksters who never go to jail, war upon war upon war, the exploitation and suffering of Trafficked Humans and the list goes on and on and on…

Our attention span is under three minutes now. TV has transformed us into zombies. We might hear scary things prior to elections that surprise us, but by then it’s too late. It’s like we can’t fix anything since these problems are too big for anyone to fix. That is just an illusion. We forgive our chosen leaders so easily.

Yet they keep us poor, in the dark, struggling, afraid. Those leaders, who I call the elite, become unavailable, unreachable. They control us with promises and TV speeches. Nothing changes.

Human suffering has only grown. It’s still between the “haves” and the “have nots.”

As gas and fuel prices inch higher and higher, I know someone is controlling prices to control us. Once gas prices reach a certain point, some of us will have to choose fuel or food.  We know we have to choose our leaders better the next election but the cycle repeats itself over and over.

It seems our leaders lack empathy. It’s like they have a brain virus and can’t tell us the truth and lose sense of reality. It’s like being elected gives them amnesia and all they want is to be reelected. And the cycle repeats while we wait for progress and change.

The elite do feed off of human suffering.  Whoever invented linear time did this to enslave us. Watching the clock, we become obsessed with the hours we work and the hours we watch TV. I read Matthew Fox’s book, “The Reinvention of Work.” Changing our workday to 30 hours could change the world! It would free us up to be parents and grandparents and not slaves to their system.

We fill stadiums to watch sports but we can’t seem to gather enough people to end human slavery and suffering as it exists today.

Why is that?

Once you see the truth, you can’t unsee it!  I only ask that you ask questions to be awake.

(to be continued)

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SIDEBAR: Nuclear Issues & Fukushima:

On Coast To Coast Jan. 6, three nuclear energy experts (Scott Portzline, Arnie Gundersen, and Kevin Kamps) in separate hours, discussed the status of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, the cover-ups of scientific data, as well as general issues about nuclear power, and nuclear waste. Last week there was a spate of false reports about Fukushima’s Unit 3 having new radiation plumes of steam coming from it, and that people living on the West Coast should prepare to evacuate, Portzline detailed. While this was a hoax, the climate of uncertainty around Fukushima has been created by the lack of truth from TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company), as well as the US government, and the International Atomic Energy Agency, he commented. “In my opinion, Fukushima is a level 8 on the international nuclear event scale, (the levels normally only go up to 7),” as there are multiple sources of radiation, and the situation requires international assistance and monitoring, Portzline continued.

Gundersen concurred on the direness of the Fukushima situation– in contrast to Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, the “spigot” isn’t turned off yet, and radiation continues to leak into the Pacific Ocean. Fish are picking up extraordinarily high levels of radioactive materials, and Gundersen said he would not eat fish that comes from the West Coast. In Japan, “the epidemiological data that will develop over the next 30 years [will show that] somewhere between 100,000 and 1 million new cancers will develop as a result of this,” but the nuclear industry can hide behind the fact that a high percentage of people get cancer anyway, he pointed out. Gunderson stressed the importance of stopping the groundwater contamination, and suggested building a trench of zeolite to absorb the radiation surrounding the plant.

Kamps cited that 72,000 gallons a day of radioactively contaminated water is flowing into the ocean, and that really adds up over nearly three years of time since the accident. Making matters works, Unit 4 at Fukushima could be on the brink of collapse, he added. Some countries such as Germany are phasing out nuclear power entirely after the lessons of Fukushima and Chernobyl, he said. As an alternative, wind power has a lot of potential to be tapped, and the first offshore floating wind turbines were just installed in the Gulf of Maine, which could provide as much electricity as five atomic reactors, Kamps asserted.

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