How can others deny adoptees their right to know what I have been fortunate enough to know? It is cruel, unjust, immoral and lacks any compassion or sense of equality in a world where there is no excuse for making some of us second-class, without the same rights and opportunities as non-adoptees. I am at a loss to understand how non-adoptees can justify their views, their actions and their support of the continued denial of human rights to adoptees. How badly they demean themselves.

The Life Of Von

Here’s yours truly being instructed in the fine art of singing Jingle Bells at the age of 3! That’s me in the middle. Since I’ve been able to get into my Study, now that the jingle bell season is almost over, to put it in to some sort of order after two years of neglect, all sorts of treasures and forgotten items have come to light. Photographs of my Great-Great-Grandparents look out at me benignly – I wonder what they would have thought about me bearing their name as a direct descendent, something I do proudly, having finally found them and their history, their stories and the accounts of their lives. I wonder what they would have thought about the difference it has made to my life and the sense of who I am, to know where I came from, to know that the foundation they have given my life…

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