Still shaking my head…

All I can think: adoption propaganda really works and some mothers buy into it and believe it until something wakes them up to the reality (and nightmare) of what they did, then finally the harm and pain they caused themselves and their child erupts…

The adopted ones blog


Just found a new-to-me Facebook Page for adoptees, but this is not about the page, rather one of those posts added by others.  A brand-spanking-new “birthmother” who felt the need to talk all about how wonderful her recent adoption of her baby was – on a page where adoptees have congregated to talk about the hard parts of being adopted.  She even added a note after her very detailed story of birth and giving up her baby – that the baby’s parents will not be called adoptive parents like the adoptees are posting in on the page, but rather, mom and dad…and she will be called “stork mom”…

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