haplotypes and migrations

Mitochondrial DNA haplotypes for dummies. | Mathilda's Anthropology Blog.

I wonder seriously about this science knowing what I know now about Human Trafficking and the Atlantic Slave Trade and migrations. I just attended a conference at Yale that discussed this intensely. One thing: Every slave ship carried Indigenous People from the Americas to Europe, Africa, France and beyond. This would skew the results of what is a European blood or DNA since mixing of people happened in the 1600s and after, which makes this science less than exact as to true origins. Consider Indigenous people populated Europe in ways most people do not consider. This was before measuring of blood. So what do we truly know about slavery and First Nations and their migrations since they were not recorded in journals as other explorers? It’s something that needs much more investigation and truth!

Who is to say that South America was developed and a civilization prior to Egypt – you’d have to read “1491” and other books about many new theories about the beginning of humans.

What was amazing to me – Native scholars are digging up records and hidden documents about colonial New England that will put most of our so-called “history” in the trash heap.

Who wrote history? The conqueror. Why write their accounts in books? Hiding the truth about conquest and Manifest Destiny and making themselves the “discoverer” which irks me to no end….Trace/Lara

Read this blog: http://mathildasanthropologyblog.wordpress.com/2008/06/16/mitochondrial-dna-haplotypes-for-dummies/

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