The Pen and The Sword

Womb fresh – now that is a catchy phrase, right? I am almost surprised the adoption brokers haven’t used it in their advertising!

The Life Of Von

DLFThe pen is mightier than the sword, or these days, the power of the internet and truth trumps untruth and secrecy. Now that everyone online from Azerbiijan to Zanzibar, from Albuquerque to Zeehan can access anything forever, it seems the game has changed, the rules are different and Governments haven’t quite caught up, caught on and been caught out. In the world of activists, if you haven’t got a file on you, complete with photos and footage you haven’t been active! These days I often laugh and ask my family what threat can a little old grey-haired lady be to anyone? They usually reply that they’re the most dangerous, because they have experience, knowledge and nothing to loose! Doris Lessing was probably one of those, having departed this life at 94, with much under her belt and a good many miles on the clock.
A few years ago now, the…

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