warming oceans, more typhoons

Typhoon Haiyan seen from the night side of Earth.

Joe Romm of ThinkProgress.org reports:

NASA released global temperature data showing that this September tied with 2005 for the warmest September on record. That’s doubly impressive since 2005 was warmed by an El Niño and accompanying warm Pacific Ocean temperatures, whereas 2013 has had cooler Pacific temperatures all year.

“Greenhouse gases keep warming the planet to unprecedented levels with unprecedented speed. That’s the conclusion of two new studies out this week.

“The first, Unprecedented recent summer warmth in Arctic Canada,” concludes: “Our results indicate that anthropogenic increases in greenhouse gases have led to unprecedented regional warmth.”

The second report came out of Columbia University’s Earth Island Institute in an article entitled, “Is Global Heating Hiding Out in the Oceans?”. It says:

“A new study in the leading journal Science adds support to the idea that the oceans are taking up some of the excess heat, at least for the moment. In a reconstruction of Pacific Ocean temperatures in the last 10,000 years, researchers have found that its middle depths have warmed 15 times faster in the last 60 years than they did during apparent natural warming cycles in the previous 10,000.

“We’re experimenting by putting all this heat in the ocean without quite knowing how it’s going to come back out and affect climate,” said study coauthor Braddock Linsley, a climate scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. “It’s not so much the magnitude of the change, but the rate of change.”

READ MORE HERE:  http://www.hogueprophecy.com/2013/11/super-typhoon-haiyan-yolanda-greatest-storm-ever-recorded-following-hottest-september-on-record-climate-change-predictions-for-2013-predictions-for-2014-and-diplomatic-breakthrough-with-iran-imminent/typhoons


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