Narcissistic Parents

Part of the Adoption Aware-Beware-ness efforts in November

The Life Of Von

Just in case you missed it –

6 Types of Emotional Abuse by Narcissistic Parents | After Narcissistic Abuse.

I know many adult adoptees who have suffered narcissistic parenting or rather been parented by narcissists. I know of many non-adoptees who have suffered the parenting styles and the abuses of parents who themselves were abused by their parents. They are all victims of cultures in which it is believed that violence towards children, emotionally or physically or both, is acceptable, perhaps even necessary, in order to raise compliant, obedient citizens. Here is the worst of it; a strong stomach is required to read through this list of violent, sadistic acts towards babies, toddlers and children, all done in the name of a good christian upbringing
Here’s another way to ‘do’ parenting; far gentler, kinder and doesn’t result in sadistic acts, torture and untimely deaths, which in the cold…

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